May 28, 2023
New Delhi

New forest fire detect app keeps public safety and response times fast

New forest fire detect app keeps public safety and response times fast

The new Forest Fire app detects and displays forest fires and hotspots across the country. It is now available free of charge for Canadian firefighters, forest managers, emergency managers, municipalities, the media and the public to see – in near real time – where the fires are raging.

“There are thousands of devastating fires currently raging in Canada,” said Phil Green, CEO of First Resource Management Group (FRMG), developer of FireFringe ™. “Our app can help protect communities. It shows where fires start to grow and can help predict where they are going. Informing and keeping people safe is simple and clear. ”

FireFringe™ is a powerful tool. It uses FRMG SkyForest™ technology, which uses satellites to produce detailed maps of forests and trees. It then connects to a NASA satellite sensor that detects high temperatures and maps images from Mapbox™. The app also provides data from Natural Resources Canada on fire perimeters and their locations.

The forest fire app can help:

  • understand what could be fueling a fire;
  • track a fire’s progression;
  • make better predictions; and,
  • give more time to prepare and respond.

On maps, fire clusters are displayed as large circles and show the number of fires in the cluster. As you zoom in, the current day’s fire is displayed in red. The last days are displayed in yellow.

“I’ve fought fires my entire life,” said Greg Johnson, CEO of Johnson Fire Service. “We are currently experiencing one of the worst seasons in history and FireFringe ™ helps us keep people and property safe.”

forest fire APP

Forest fire APP (FireFringe™) features:

  • Worldwide coverage
  • Search ability by major cities and landmarks
  • Sensitivity that can be set from low to high
  • Clear visuals to tell the distance between you and a fire
  • Historical data to see previously burnt areas

“Three years ago, the technology used by FireFringe™ helped me prepare my city for an impending fire,” said Reeve Terry Fisset of Elk Lake, Ontario. “Although the FRMG then used a manual process, I used maps to alert the Ministry of Natural Resources about a hotspot near Lake Elk, which they did not even know existed. When they confirmed it, So we got to work. There’s no doubt that the need for FireFringe™ puts every community at risk of fire.”


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