January 30, 2023
New Delhi

New feature ‘Undo Tweet’ function of Twitter is testing for paid users

Twitter's new "super follow" feature requires users to pay for private content

Twitter may be working on an “Undo tweet” feature specifically for paid subscribers. This allows you to undo misspellings and other errors in a limited amount of time. The new development may be the company’s response to the long-awaited editing options not yet offered on the microblogging network. It may also appear as one of the reasons to persuade people to subscribe to Twitter for a fixed regular fee.

Reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong tweeted about the existence of the Tweet feature that appears on the subscription screen. Basically, users can cancel recent tweets. This is in addition to the existing Tweet Delete feature, which prevents certain tweets from being visible to all Twitter users. By undoing a Tweet, the user has the option to quickly delete the Tweet within a specified time period before it is sent.

Wong shared a screenshot showing the ability to undo tweets. However, it has not been released to the public yet. It also suggests that Twitter will be one of the features that it will offer to paid subscribers in the future.

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CNET reported that Twitter has confirmed testing of new features. However, it is unclear if the test is specific to a specific region.

Gadgets 360 contacted Twitter to illustrate the evolution. This report is updated when the company responds.

Earlier this month, Wong shared a GIF that started as soon as the user pressed the Tweet button and temporarily suggested “not sent” for tweets that lasted a few seconds to undo the tweet.

The introduction of the “Undo Tweet” feature could help people who are often confused by posting misspellings. However, it does not allow editing. Twitter users have been asking for this for quite some time, but it’s not yet a top priority.

In addition to the Tweet cancel feature, Twitter is considering introducing new forms like SuperFollow to receive monthly subscription fees from followers and send out exclusive content and newsletters. Earlier this month, the company revealed plans for a subscription model to the thread to investor tweets.

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