January 30, 2023
New Delhi

Netflix offers a free trial of the service on weekends starting in India

Netflix to Offer Free Trial of Its Service for a Weekend That Will Begin in India

Netflix plans to offer a free trial of the service to everyone in the country over the weekend. Greg Peters, chief product officer at Netflix, said in a statement on Tuesday that the new plan will start in India and reach the global market over time. Netflix already offers a free 30-day trial to allow new users to test the service and watch some web series before moving to a subscription. However, earlier this month, the Los Gatos, California-based company ended its free trial plan in the US, although it is still available in markets including India.

In a third-quarter earnings interview with Netflix, CPO Peters said the new beta promo was just an example of the company’s planned innovation. Executives called the plan Fikra to offer webcast services to new viewers.

“I think giving everyone in a country free access to Netflix on the weekends would be a great way to introduce many new people to the wonderful stories, services, and mechanisms that we have,” Peters said in an interview with Berkeley’s media analyst Kenan Pankateshwar, in an interview.

The exact details of the new exam have not been disclosed. It’s also unclear if it will co-exist with the current 30-day free trial, which was recently deprecated in the US but is still available in India and several other markets.

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“We are constantly looking at various promotions to attract new members and provide a great Netflix experience,” a Netflix spokeswoman told Gadgets 360 in response to inquiries about the new experience. ..

Why Netflix provide free services?

Netflix often runs simultaneous tests of various features and promotions. This will help you understand the different requirements of your audience and make appropriate updates. In addition, we run premium promotion programs in various markets around the world. Therefore, new free trials are unlikely to be available worldwide and will be limited to specific markets when testing in India.

However, Netflix definitely competed with platforms like Amazon PrimeVideo and Disney + Hotstar, and as of September 30th, it had more than 1.95 billion rupees worldwide subscribers, but it didn’t grow as expected. We need promotions to expand our subscriber base. This number increased from 19.29 Chlore subscribers as of June 30. However, the company expects to add a new subscriber of 250,000 rands in the third quarter. This was Rs 30k less than the actual subscribers added during the period.

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