February 3, 2023
New Delhi

NASA Creative Mars Helicopter successfully Lands on Red Planet(Mars)

7 minutes terror | NASA's bold Mars landing plan persevere

The first Martian helicopter has officially arrived on Mars.

NASA’s Creative Mars helicopter has landed on the surface of the Red Planet after it was shot down by its parent ship, the Perseverance Rover. The space agency announced late on Saturday 4 April. The first helicopter flight takes a little more than a week.

“#MarsHelicopter has been confirmed landing. Flight 293 million miles (471 million km) on @ NASAPersevere is today the last 4 inches (10 cm) from the belly of the probe to the surface of Mars. And it ended with descent,” an official at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory wrote in an announcement on Twitter In Pasadena, California. ”The next milestone? Survive the night. ”

NASA Mars Helicopter Details

It weighs only 4 pounds. (1.8 kg), the Ingenuity is a small solar helicopter that relies on a rechargeable battery to keep the system warm on the harsh nights of Mars. Even today, creativity is tied to a belly of patience and uses a nuclear vehicle system to keep it warm.

Currently, helicopters use a built-in battery to operate the heater.

NASA’s Bob Paralam, Chief Engineer of the Mars Helicopter Project, said: I wrote in the status update on Friday (April 2nd). “This comfortably protects key components such as batteries and some sensitive electronics from harm at very low temperature.

NASA officials said Ingenuity will make its maiden flight on April 11, and data from that test will reach Earth on April 12. The $ 85 million unmanned aerial vehicles were the first helicopter to be sent to another world and are designed to test future flying car technology on other planets. Ingenuity is equipped with two cameras to record her trip, which is also monitored by the Wagon of Perseverance.

If all goes well, Ingenuity will carry out a series of long-haul flights called Sol on the 31st day from Mars, at Jezero Crater, landing Perseverance Rover on February 18th. Each flight must reach less than 16.5 feet (5 meters) and be performed over a range of 300 feet (90 meters).

NASA plans a series of tests to activate the four rotating Ingenuity blades (spin at 2537 rpm) while monitoring perseverance from a safe distance before the first flight. The rover will be placed in a safe location 16.5 feet from the drone before the first flight.

But first, of course, creativity must overcome the biting cold of the first night on Mars. The helicopter battery has enough heat to maintain a constant temperature of around 5 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 15 degrees Celsius).

“The ingenuity team looks forward to hearing the helicopter the next day,” Palarama wrote on Friday. “Did it work all night? Are the solar panels working as expected?”

Balaram added that members of the mission team will carefully monitor Ingenuity temperature and battery performance over the weekend to ensure the helicopter’s health. If everything looks good, the dexterity can proceed with rotor tests and other system checks before the first flight, he said.

Creativity is new, but helicopters are only part of NASA’s ambitious and impatient mission to explore the Jezero Crater delta on Mars. Rovers are expected to spend the next two years exploring the area, looking for signs of ancient life. Perseverance also collects and collects samples of Martian rocks and returns them to Earth on later missions.

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