January 28, 2023
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Monster Hunter Rise: How to Preload the Game

Capcom shares new details on "Monster Hunter Rise". Demo coming soon, Watch Trailer

Monster Hunter Rise was just a few days after its launch, preloading the game and running it ASAP. The game’s preloading means that you can download all content before its release and start playing as soon as it is broadcast. If you want to know how to preload the game, see below.

How to Pre-Load Monster Hunter Rise

Preload games have become more frequent in the last few years, allowing players to reach the next game at the earliest. This may sound like a small thing to someone, but some are longing for Monster Hunter Rise. This feature will be part of the game, so you’ll be informed that you’re playing the game right away. The first wave of players jumping into it.

Therefore, to preload the game at this time, you must actually pre-order the game from Nintendo’s eShop. In fact, it’s easy.

  • Create or choose an already existing profile, and access the Nintendo e-shop.
  • From there, locate Monster Hunter Rise from their catalog.
  • Purchase the game by pre-ordering it.
  • Click on download, if it doesn’t happen automatically.
  • Click on the game on your Home screen.
  • Pre-load will start right away.

If by any chance you are using a Download Card for getting the game, do the following:

  • Create or choose an already existing profile, and access the Nintendo e-shop.
  • Once in the eShop, scroll down the list in your left and choose to Enter/ Redeem Code.
  • Download the game right away.

You can now preload Monster Hunter Rise and access it the moment it’s life, without having to wait with thousands of other players. Remember, you need enough space on your SD card to follow all of the above and the size of the game is around 7.1GB.

Monster Hunter Rise will be released for Nintendo Switch on March 26th. Check out our comprehensive list of more guides for the game.

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