January 31, 2023
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MIT collaboration Elon Musk leads to SpaceX’s most efficient COVID-19 tracker

MIT collaboration Elon Musk leads to SpaceX's most efficient COVID-19 tracker

Elon Musk and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) decided to work together to develop the first COVID-19 tracker from SpaceX. They are currently hoping for a more effective tool compared to the current publicly available coronavirus trackers.

According to Futurism’s latest report, Elon Musk can start a new project with the help of more than 4,000 employees at SpaceX, and he and MIT can track the spread of the novel coronavirus across the company. The celebrated chief technology officer has decided to partner with MIT and Harvard University researchers to create a modern antibody testing program.

This new project will require SpaceX employees to voluntarily submit monthly blood tests. Elon Musk is also one of the co-authors of the current study, which has already been published in Nature Communications.

Elon Musk and MIT’s upcoming COVID-19 tracker

The COVID-19 tracker coming from Elon Musk has shown the severity of the effects of COVID-19 symptoms on the amount of antibody a person has. The results showed that people who experienced mild symptoms of the viral disease were less likely to develop long-term immunity.

Dr. Garrett Alter, the co-author of the study and a member of the Rago Institute at MIT, Harvard University, and MGH, said in a recent report from LiveLMint.

Joshua T from the Vaccine Infectious Diseases Division of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Professor Schaeffer said.

Progress of Elon Musk’s new project

Currently, Elon Musk and other researchers are testing and monitoring relevant SpaceX personnel to see if infections and infections occur every month. Experts said this could benefit from their findings to inform people exposed to the new coronavirus and should be vaccinated first.

Stay open at TechTimes for the latest news on the upcoming COVID-19 tracker from Elon Musk, MIT, and other coronavirus innovations.


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