January 30, 2023
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Minecraft shots allow cliffs in the cave

Minecraft shots allow cliffs in the cave

Cave and Cliffs, a 1.17 update for Minecraft, is approaching. The full update isn’t ready until this summer, but Mojang gave us an overview of the features that come with the update. This week, Mojang released Shot # 21w06a. This doubles the depth of the Minecraft world and allows for cave cliffs.

Mojang has split the preview of the 1.17 update between the Bedrock and Java versions of the game since last year. The last time I saw the beta (as it’s called in Bedrock), it was for copper ore and its various patterns. Other updates included sparkling squid, floating candles, and stained glass.

This time, the cave is finally in the spotlight. The global height of the Minecraft universe increased to 384 blocks. As it currently exists, the height of the world (from bedrock to building boundaries) is 256 blocks. According to the observations of the shot, this means that the height of the world has increased by 64 blocks up and 64 blocks down.

The bottom may be the most interesting part. By increasing the depth of the world, Mojan enabled a huge cliff in the new cave (see what I was there, Mojan). Crossing the new “cheese” cave, it is named because it forms a cave the same size as a hole in Swiss cheese. Now you can find a lamp that is 20 blocks high. Of course, Minecraft has a huge number of possible worlds, so it’s possible to find a much higher world.

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Fortunately, at the bottom of some of these slopes, you may find an aquifer that can save your life. This is because this shot also introduced the water level in the area. Avoiding the local water level is a bit difficult, but this basically means that you can spawn an underground lake in a new cave.

Fortunately (or is it?), Changes in Earth’s altitude also mean that the oceans can be much deeper than they are today, but no major changes are planned for them at this time. There is a possibility. The biggest part of the update 1.17-Cave. Except for the introduction of mountain goats and crushed snow, archeology is actually working (although I know there aren’t half of the soil tiles in the game), or directly to Minecraft’s “cliffs”. I haven’t seen any changes yet.


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