June 3, 2023
New Delhi
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Micromax 5G phones will be released “soon”. revealed by Micromax Co-founder Rahul Sharma

Micromax 5G phones will be released "soon". revealed by Micromax Co-founder Rahul Sharma

The Micromax 5G phone will debut “soon” in India, co-founder Rahul Sharma said during a video session with users. Executives have also hinted at the imminent launch of Micromax True Wireless Stereo Headphones (TWS). Micromax revived in the smartphone market last year with the release of the Micromax In Note 1 and Micromax In 1b. Sharma also revealed that the Micromax In Note 1 will receive an update to Android 11. He also noted future software updates for the Micromax In1b, which are said to improve the user experience.

Speaking about Micromax’s plans in a video session of over 11 minutes, Sharma said engineers at the R&D Center in Bangalore are working hard on 5G phones. However, he did not provide a specific launch schedule, other than saying that he would debut soon.

In a video session last December, Sharma suggested launching a smartphone with 6GB of water-cooled RAM and a high refresh rate display. However, the model has not yet been officially announced. This data may be associated with the Micromax 5G phone you are working on.

In addition to 5G phones, Micromax engineers at the Bangalore Research Center are developing mobile accessories, Sharma said. He also suggested that the first accessory could be an earphone-probably the company’s first TWS earphone.

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“The product under development has a unique design and new technology,” Sharma said.

Updates on existing Micromax In models

In addition to talking about the new product, Sharma revealed in a video that the Micromax In Note 1 will be updated to Android 11 in April. He said the company will provide early access to customers who subscribe to a dedicated forum.

Micromax In Note 1 was launched on Android 10 in November 2020. The company has promised to provide a software update in two years.

Micromax will also release source code and downloaders for Micromax In Note 1 and Micromax In 1b, which will be available on the company’s forums, Sharma said.

Management also announced that the Micromax In1b will receive a new software update this month. While Android 11 is unlikely to be the entry-level model, this update includes camera and sound improvements, slow-motion video recording, the January 2021 Android security patch, and general performance improvements. The exact date of its deployment has not yet been disclosed.

Sharma also said Micromax has no plans to introduce a user interface to Android. “[Brand] In [brand] always provides interaction without layers, ads or unnecessary clothing. It’s a completely pure experience, ”he says. “We don’t sell ads to you, we don’t sell your data.”

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