May 28, 2023
New Delhi

Meteorites on the menu: Why the hills attract so many astro visitors to ‘post Covid’

Meteorites on the menu: Why the hills attract so many astro visitors to 'post Covid'

Uttarakhand’s small hill stations, known for their pristine lakes, scenic spots, and enjoyable activities, now offer visitors a world-wide experience.

As international travel becomes more expensive due to retaliation after more than two years of the epidemic, many tourists are seeking out destinations such as Bimtalia and Kausania, which promote star migration to more popular destinations.

Astronomical sites do not usually provide visitors with solar eclipses, meteor showers, lunar craters, twin stars, and many other celestial events. Paul Savio, CEO and founder of Bhimtal’s Starscapes Observatory, pointed out that visitors are of all ages.

“This includes families, couples and children who add star-watching to the bucket list,” Savio said.

Despite the unexpected rains in April and May, Savio had received hundreds of visitors in two months, which he believed would only increase.

As many local tourists experience the thrill of nightclubs, local camps and access points with stunning night views, hotels in and around Bimtal and Earn money make money through the ‘estrobuum’.

“In addition to the aquarium pool and adventure games, the main attraction near our hotel is the atmosphere, which grows the enthusiasm among the guests,” said Deepak Dubey, CEO of Fisherman’s Lodge on the outskirts of Bhimtal. Lake.

Dubey said the tourists ’‘ interest in star tourism ’has led to the hotel visiting them in this way on the tourist menu.

Shiv Kr. Mehan, COO, of the Leisure Hotels Group, pointed out that although astrotourism is still in its infancy in India, it is the future travelers expect after the epidemic.

“After Covid, passengers are looking for new ways to go on an adventure. The popularity of star tourism continues to grow in India as it is still commonplace, ”said Mehan.

Mehan said remote locations such as Bimtal and Kausani, where the hotel group has experience, offer a convenient place to look at the stars and explore the sky and beyond.

“Remote areas outside the city with high altitudes that provide clear and dark skies are ideal for star gazing,” Mehan said.

“Astronomers plan the trip in advance to see the eclipses, meteor jets and study the constellations above in the sky,” he added.

Starscapes hopes to bring together hotel chains and ecotourism players to increase its offerings.

The launch will be held at Astro Camp Mukteshwar in Nainital until June 30 and will offer a variety of astronomical activities from astronomical exhibitions to planetary exhibitions.

The country is trying to find growing opportunities for astronomical tourism. According to reports, there are plans to turn the village of Bental in the Chamol district of Uttarakhand into a great location.

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