January 31, 2023
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Mark Zuckerberg claims the Oculus Quest 2 will be “the first mainstream VR headset.”

Mark Zuckerberg claims the Oculus Quest 2 will be "the first mainstream VR headset."

With only one month left, we promise that 2021 will be a really strange year for the game. According to Mark, the industry continued to grow exponentially during the ongoing global epidemic, with GameStop’s share price soaring as Redditors wage war with hedge fund managers, perhaps the most incredible VR. Game development will soon be economically viable for most developers-. At least Zuckerberg.

Oculus, founded in 2012 and acquired by Facebook in 2014, has always been at the forefront of virtual reality technology and hardware. However, the role of trendsetters in the niche market has its drawbacks. For years, organizations competing with Oculus have struggled to attract viewers because very expensive headsets and premium PCs stood between them and the average gamer. The concept of virtual reality has almost universal appeal, but for many, virtual reality ownership was out of the question … until now.

Mark Zuckerberg claims the Oculus Quest 2 will be "the first mainstream VR headset."

Oculus Quest 2 Price

More importantly, Quest 2 was released for $ 299, making it one of the most affordable new virtual reality products on the market. Prior to that, the most affordable VR option for most gamers was probably the PSVR device. It debuted in 2016 for $ 400. The PSVR is reasonably successful, but according to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Quest 2 is currently heading in a direction that truly disrupts the market.

Mark Zuckerberg claims the Oculus Quest 2 will be "the first mainstream VR headset."

In Facebook’s Q4 2020 earnings report, Zuckerberg highlighted that he is discussing the future of the product. This is what he used to almost always play down. He announced that Quest 2 “will be the first popular virtual reality headset.” This is confirmed by statistics, according to which Oculus has already shipped about 1 million devices.

“I think the results for this quarter show that this future is already here,” continued Facebook CEO. “More than 60 Oculus developers are making millions of dollars, more than doubling from a few months ago. These statistics show that developers are more environmentally friendly due to the increased profitability of VR games. It should be especially encouraging for VR enthusiasts as it further motivates them to explore. We hope this will increase the number of games and viewers. For years, Oculus (and the general) VR games) showed almost nothing about the killer app. One-off experiments and simple technical demos dominate the VR game scene, and many gamers simply turn their gorgeous device into a BeatSabre machine. I’ve resigned to use it. Hopefully, this increase in revenue will change that perception significantly.

It’s hard to guess exactly why VR games have become so popular these days, but it’s dangerous to assume that the constant global isolation has something to do with it. Plus, computer technology has made great strides since Oculus debuted nearly a decade ago. VR compatible gaming rigs are now around $ 1,000, so curious gamers will want to make some cash and give it a try. .. I don’t know if this trend will continue throughout the year, but at least for now, I am glad that those working on VR development are seeing a significant return on their investment.

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