June 3, 2023
New Delhi

LG introduces the K925G mid-range 5G mobile phones

LG introduces the K925G mid-range 5G mobile phones

Smartphones with 5G access are getting cheaper and cheaper, and LG’s latest mid-range phones are one of the most affordable to date. The new K92 5G starts at just $ 359 and provides 5G access to three US carriers, AT & T, and Cricket. Wireless and US cellular.

Apart from this, it looks like a pretty average device with a 6.7-inch 1080p display, 4000mAh battery, 6GB of RAM, and 128GB of internal storage-all supported with Qualcomm’s mid-range Snapdragon 690 chipset ( However, it supports 5G).

This is the same number as the 690 used in the OnePlus recently announced Nord N10 5G. It costs about $ 400 in the European market and is also 5G capable. (OnePlus hasn’t announced when the Nord N10 5G will arrive in the United States, but it does indicate that it will be available “later”.)


The LG K92 5G has a variety of cameras on the back and front. The four rear sensors include a 64MP standard lens, 5MP wide-angle lens, 2MP macro lens, 2MP depth sensor, and a 16MP perforated lens at the front. Oh, and you also get a side-mounted fingerprint sensor and USB-C charging.

The $ 349 price tag means LG is less than its rival Samsung. Samsung lowered the price of 5G mobile phones over the past year. Samsung unveiled the Galaxy A42 5G in September and later confirmed that it would sell for £ 349 in the UK, but it’s still as cheap as the new K92. How far can a 5G access bar be?


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