June 3, 2023
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Koss Corporation [KOSS] is up 79.64: why it matters

Koss Corporation [KOSS] is up 79.64: why it matters

Koss Corporation (NASDAQ: KOSS) jumped 2.66 points on Monday, while the stock was at $ 6 at the end of the session, up 79.64%. On January 21, 2021, the company announced that the EMEA purchasing market had reached a record high in the fourth quarter: the ISG ™ Index.

The total market reached a record € 5.1 billion, an increase of 18%.

Cloud services led by IaaS recorded the highest quarterly level.

COS shares are up 74.42% year-on-year (YTD). KOSS shares hit an intraday high of $ 6 and a low of $ 3.45 a share. The company’s 52-week rate is 5.10, which means the current price is + 112.77% from the 01/25/21 highest price.

Compared to an average trading volume of 334.19 thousand shares, KOSS volume for the last trading day was 7,177,630, which is why market watchers consider the shares to be active.

What are the leading market experts saying about Koss Corporation [KOSS]?

Koss’s Average True Range (ATR) is set at 0.58, and the KOSS share price-to-sell ratio over the past twelve months is 2.60. The price to book ratio for the fourth quarter was 2.88, while the price to cash ratio for the share for the same quarter was set at 0.43. KOSS’s free cash flow rate for the past twelve months was 27.67 with a quick rate of 2.30 for the last quarter.

How has KOSS stock performed recently?

Koss Corporation [KOSS] shares rose over the weekend, demonstrating positive dynamics to 106.90. According to the latest data, KOSS shares are up 145.90% in the past four weeks, in addition to this 267.76% in the last six months, not to mention a 289.61% rise in the last year of trading.

Overbought and oversold stocks can be easily tracked using the Relative Strength Index (RSI), as an RSI result above 70 is in an overbought area, and any price below 30 indicates an oversold condition. The RSI 50 represents neutral market dynamics. The current RSI for KOSS shares over the past two weeks has been set at 80.36, with the latter trading at 83.89 and the three-week RSI at 77.68 for Koss [KOSS]. The current moving average for the last 50 trading days for this stock is 2.73, while it was fixed at 3.99 in the last trading week and 1.97 in the last 200 days.

Koss Corporation [KOSS]: Deeper insight into the fundamentals

The operating margin for any stock indicates how profitable the investment is, and the Koss Corporation [KOSS] stock currently has an operating margin of -2.64 and a gross margin of + 30.92. Currently, Kos’s net margin is -2.54.

The return on total equity for KOSS is now -2.68 considering recent momentum, the return on invested capital for the company is -2.65. The return on equity for this share decreased to -3.08, while the return on assets was -2.03. In terms of this company’s capital structure, the ratio of total debt to total capital of KOSS is 20.38. Additionally, the KOSS total debt to total equity ratio is 16.93 and the total debt to total assets ratio is 13.68. The long-term debt in relation to the company’s equity is fixed at 15.21, and the long-term debt in relation to total equity is now 12.64.

In terms of employee performance at the company, the Koss Corporation [KOSS] had an average of $ 12,584 per employee. The receivables turnover of the company is 6.07 with the total recorded assets turnover at 0.80. Koss’ liquidity data is interesting as well, with a fast ratio of 2.30 and a current ratio set at 4.00.

Insider trade positions for Koss Corporation [KOSS]

Institutional investors currently hold approximately $ 2 million, or 9.30% of KOSS shares. The three largest entities holding KOSS shares are: MINERVA ADVISORS LLC with 210,553 owners, representing approximately -2.638% of the company’s market value and approximately 13.20% of total institutional ownership; DIMENSIONAL FUND ADVISORS LP holds 152,403 shares with an approximate value of USD 0.91 million in KOSS shares; And CIBC PRIVATE WEALTH GROUP, LLC, with $ 0.48 million in KOSS shares and a near new market value for the company.

Institutional investor positions in Koss increased at the end of February and at the time of the February report, with 5 institutional owners consolidating their positions in Koss Corporation [NASDAQ: KOSS] with 96,847 shares. In addition, 3 investors reduced their positions by approximately 11,587 shares, and 5 investors took positions by approximately 499,281 shares. The aforementioned changes pushed institutional holdings to 607,715 shares, according to the latest SEC report. KOSS 1 share resulted in 79,661 new institutional investments, while one institutional investor sold 134 deals during the same period.

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