January 31, 2023
New Delhi

Instagram Reels has released new audio features, similar to TikTok

instagram reel, tiktok, tech news

Instagram has announced, Lille for a while – the base app’s short video sharing feature aims to take over TikTok after being banned locally.

For starters, the Instagram reels allow users to create 30 seconds of video and extend the timer to 10 seconds while recording. The company is currently upgrading the audio capabilities of its Instagram reels, adding three new features to make it easier for users to share and save audio clips.

instagram reels, tiktok, tech news

You can now save tracks, share podcasts via private messages, and browse new sections such as For You and Trending. These instagram reels new features make it easy for users to share and save audio clips. The latest updates with new features are already available. Instagram, which has just been released recently, has released regular updates to its short video sharing feature.

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Users can now share all the reels using a specific sound via Instagram direct messages. The new “Save Audio” feature allows users to save sounds inside the app and use them for their own Instagram reel clips. Clip creators will find it easier to identify popular songs and clips. You can also bookmark songs inside the app and revisit them later.

Similar to the Instagram post save feature, you can click the audio and click the save icon. All audio files saved in the audio folder are located in the Instagram saved posts section.

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