January 28, 2023
New Delhi

Instagram may offer affiliate programs to help influencers earn more

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As revealed by reverse engineers, Instagram is preparing to launch a creator affiliate program on its platform to help creators earn more money. Other leaks reveal new controls in the platform to block messages with specific keywords and new brightness editing tools. All of these may or may not be visible in the future.

Instagram new affiliate program and more new features

A year after introducing Lille in India and more recently in the United States, Instagram is creating new tools for both creators and users. Instagram may be assigned to an influencer affiliate program because it was shared on Twitter by a reverse engineer named Alessandro Balozzi.

It is in the Creators section and influencers (content creators) must be eligible to start this program. For this reason, you must follow your partner’s monetization policy, and once you qualify, you can monetize your content through affiliate marketing.

This is due to sharing the product with your followers and promoting sales. And if they succeed in getting their followers to buy the product through their affiliate links, they will receive a commission. In this way, they can access new opportunities to build brands and networks and get more from the platform.

This is intended for influencers, but Instagram may offer content control to all users. Content controls can restrict incoming messages to specific keywords. This works by adding certain keywords (fraud or spam) to the list and letting you filter Instagram when someone sends a message containing these keywords in your DM.

Messages containing these keywords will be blocked from reaching you. There is also a new section in the platform editing section called Brightness.AI. It’s not clear what this feature does, but it’s safe to assume that clicking this feature will automatically determine the brightness of your post. These are leaks and may or may not be visible in future releases.

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