May 28, 2023
New Delhi

Instagram live video time limit has been extended to 4 hours

Instagram Live Video Time Limit Extended to 4 Hours

Instagram has introduced three new features to encourage more users to go live on its platform. The social media platform extended the live video limit from the previous one hour to four hours. There is also a new live archive option that allows you to store all live videos for up to 30 days. Only you can access this archive. If desired, you can also download and upload the live video to IGTV.

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Instagram 3 updates on Live Video

1. Instagram extent the Live time limit

New features have been announced via Twitter, but perhaps the biggest one is the extension of the limits of live video. Previously it was limited to 1 hour, but it has now been extended to 4 hours. This means that users who want to go live while cooking or who do live classes do not have to restart the live broadcast every hour. Instagram has also provided a live archive where all live videos are stored. Previously, Instagram was only archived stories and posts, but now we have provided a live video archive.

2. Save live video for a 30 day

This option is in the same location as the Story and Post archives, and these live videos will be archived for 30 days after the live broadcast ends. To find this new option, Live Video users need to click on the hamburger menu in the upper right corner of their profile screen. Then you need to click on the Archive option and select Live Archive. You can also download and re-upload archived videos to IGTV.

3. IGTV Live Now

Apart from this, Instagram aims to increase the discovery of live videos in the app and introduces a new “Live Now” section inside the IGTV app. A dedicated “Live Now” section will appear in Explore so you can find more live streaming content.

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