January 30, 2023
New Delhi

Instagram accidentally hidden likes for hours and surprised everyone! | Why Instagram hide like?

Instagram accidentally hidden likes for hours and surprised everyone! | Why Instagram hide like?

Instagram accidentally (and temporarily) hide a large number of users on Tuesday. And people were completely lost.

This change was made without any warnings or explanations posted on the blog, breaking the habit of making these important changes in the app. Instagram users were rudely shocked when they simply logged in and went to see how many people rated the latest branch.

Users were only notified that a particular account rated themselves and other users, rather than the exact number of their posts that were rated. This change also affected all users in the user’s feed, so it wasn’t possible to see how highly rated other users’ posts were. Instagram too.

There was no reason to be afraid. According to Instagram, this extension of “testing”, which had been running for many users for months, wasn’t entirely intended, as evidenced by an immediate reversal hours after its release. did.

A Facebook spokeswoman told Mashable that he “tested a new experiment to hide likes in-feed posts.” “Today, more people inadvertently added to the test, but this was a bug. This issue has been fixed. Users can opt-out of feed updates and need to restore their likes. . ”

Instagram revealed that this was only a temporary change, but it did not stem the strong reaction of Instagram users, both positive and negative. Some hailed the move as being beneficial to the mental health of its users, but others have already missed the validation they received from the likes. Users also expressed concern that this change might affect influencers’ earnings on Instagram.


It is not currently clear who was affected by the accidental launch on Tuesday. Instagram declined further comments when Mashable contacted him.

However, countries such as Canada, Australia, Ireland, Brazil, Italy, Japan, and New Zealand have already addressed the loss of likes since Instagram began testing its features in 2019. Smaller tests were also conducted in the United States later that year.

“We want your friends to focus on the photos and videos they share, not the number of likes they get,” Instagram tweeted during its first launch. “You can also see your likes by clicking on the list of people who like it, but your friends can’t see the number of likes your post received.”

Judging by the reaction of some people, if you don’t know that you like it, the benefits of being fond of it are greatly diminished.

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