May 28, 2023
New Delhi

Humble Bundle transfer charitable donations from May to 15 percent

Humble Bundle transfer charitable donations from May to 15 percent

The Humble Bundle announced today that in May it began removing its own slide from the game package store page, effectively limiting the purchase price that customers can donate to charity. The news of this change upset some viewers, who described it as greedy.

Modest packages, first released in 2010, have become a popular way to buy games and digital software while helping charities. Before purchasing the package, users can run three slides to work with charities and software publishers և Humble Bundle Inc. Can determine the amount of money you will receive from that purchase. If it is so dedicated, people can buy everything and donate to their favorite charity.

But after 10 years of using this system, Humble Bundle seems to have changed the situation. The slide is removed and replaced with a fixed preset version. All of these options bring significant revenue savings to Humble Bundle և publishers. In addition, the share of going to charity is now limited to only 15%.

“Since we released the package over a decade ago, the slides haven’t changed, even though Humble has evolved to create products like the Humble Choice և Humble Store. All of these are charities without sliders. We support it. ”The company also noted some minor UI changes.

The blog also included an unwarned apology for the Humble Bundle last month. և Notification to some users trying to change slides.

The changes are not yet in effect, but fans have already shared the anger and frustration of removing the donated hat և sledge. Many argue that Humble Bundle is a favorite way to buy games and doesn’t support the store as you plan. Others have pointed out that charity shops, literally called “modest,” have significantly reduced charity donations and blocked all future purchases.

Kotaku has appealed to Humble Bundle to comment on the removal of 15-15% of charitable sleds.

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