January 30, 2023
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How to watch EA Play Live 2021: Schedule, Host, Games

EA Play Live 2021 will take place on Thursday, July 22nd, where a separate event will take place instead of the full E3 show. While famous sports won’t offer anything new this year, that doesn’t mean there won’t be any surprises or exciting events at the event.

What to expect from EA Play Live?

Unfortunately Dragon Age 4, Mass Effect, Star Wars, and Skate will not be appearing at this year’s event. But that shouldn’t stop fans from watching the event in any way. Knowing the myriad Xbox games and the many studios offering quality games, there is still a lot to be done.

According to GameSpot, the main showcases are games that will launch “sooner rather than in the near future,” which is why the previously mentioned games are not showing up.

According to Windows Central, “Battlefields 2042” is likely to be one of the highlights of the event. A gameplay trailer was released at Microsoft’s E3 conference, but the event could have showcased uncut gameplay.

“Ripple Effect” or Dice LA is expected to introduce a third game mode on EA Play Live, with its offerings including a 128-player multiplayer game mode with cross-save and cross-play support. PC Games has said that this game mode is a “love letter” to fans of the series and will include fan-favorite battlefield maps from the franchise’s past.

This long-running franchise is scheduled to release on October 22.

FIFA and Madden NFL 22 had their own mini presentations before the EA Play Live event, but are still looking forward to these games. The NHL should also be visible.

EA is also expected to reveal more about its upcoming college football game.

Rumors of a Dead Space remake were also swirling, and if that’s true, it could be the perfect title to end the show.

Minor Apex Legends announcements may also be issued, such as the announcement of a new legend rumored to be a seer. Developers at Respawn are likely to discuss other upcoming features, such as Ranked Arenas.

News about the future of “Need for Speed” is also likely to emerge, although rumors suggest it has been postponed until next year.

Watch EA Play Live 2021

The EA Play Live 2021 Preview Show kicks off Thursday, July 22 at 10:00 AM PT.

The broadcast can be viewed on Twitch and YouTube. EA will also be streaming live events on Twitter and Facebook.

GameSpot said the preview is called “short” and will include an overview of the latest news from EA prior to the presentation. It will be hosted by EA’s Andy McNamara and Respawn’s Alex Ackerman.

EA also revealed that WWE star Austin Creed will host an approximately 40-minute conference call, Windows Central reported.

The EA Play Live 2021 YouTube live stream is also embedded below for easy viewing of the event right from this page.

Watch Live EA Play here also 

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