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How to use Twitter Advanced Search ?

How to use twitter search advanced?

In the era of 20 every second 6000 tweet are sent in Twitter. That’s means 500 millions are tweet every days. It make very difficult to search any tweet. To filter out relevant result we use advance search feature of Twitter.

Twitter advance search feature is more useful for those person who do marketing or to target someone. we can search tweet by Location, by Date range etc. Lets Suppose some one tweet about you or about your company without tagging you. By Twitter advance feature we can filter the tweet that is related to you or your company. And for the future use we can also save this filter and use later by just one click.

Where to Find Twitter Advance Search?

Twitter advance search not visible directly on screen. Twitter advance search is only use with Twitter Website. This advance search feature is not available for mobile user. But By using this direct Twitter advance search URL which you can directly paste in mobile browser and use in mobile.

There are two method by which we can find Twitter advance search. The first one is this Twitter advance search URL by which you can advance search.
And for the second method follow this for Twitter advance search

Step 1 – Login to your Twitter Account.
Step 2 – Click on #Explore

Step 3 – There is search bar on top center of screen. Search any thing with #.

Find Twitter Advance Search

Step 4 – After 3 step you are able to see three dot. click on that.

Find Twitter Advance Search
Step 5 – Now it show advance search. Click on Advance Search.

A popup will open for the Advance search. Most of the user not know how to use this Twitter advance search. Below we discuss how to use this advance search.

How to use Twitter Advance Search?

Before knowing about the Twitter advance search read the above paragraph because advance search is not visible directly on screen.
When your advance search popup open there are some criteria on which we want to filter.

In Twitter advance search there are 5 advance level on which we can search. On each level of search there are 3-5 sublevel.

  • Word
  • Account
  • Filters
  • Engagement
  • Dates

Let’s discuss all this search level in details.

Use Twitter Advance Search with Specific Word or Phrases

With the help this filter we can filter the Tweet with some word or phrases. There are 6 sublevel on which we can filter.

  1. Contain All of this Word: Entering one or more than one word in this field search all tweet which you search.
    Example – Suppose I want to search a tweet which contain Web Development. Then write “Web Development in search box and click on search”.
  2. Twitter advance search with contain all word Now you can see all the tweet which contain web Development.
  3. Matching the exact Phrases: This filter is use when we want to search for exact match of word or phrases. For example searching the quotes or names.
  4. Any of the word match: In this field we give more than two word. It show the result if any of the word match that you provide. For example you search “cat dog” then it show result for contains either “cats” or “dogs” (or both).
  5. None of the word match: This filter is just the opposite of any of word match(above 3 filter). for example you search “cat dog” then it show result that does not contain “cats” and does not contain “dogs”
  6. Search with Hashtag: In this field we search the tweet by its hashtag. Hashtag is very famous this day. In every tweet people use hashtag. By using this filter make search easier. For example we want search all tweet that hashtag are #beauty.
  7. Twitter advance search with hashtag
  8. Search in Language: Twitter support 34 language. and we can use any of this language to search the tweet.

Use Twitter Advance Search for searching People and Account

With the help of this filter we can filter the People how tweet or who reply in any Tweet. There are 3 sublevel on which we can filter.

  1. From these Account: If we filter Tweet with this field then it will show only tweet from the specific account that you search. For example search @twitter
  2. To these account: These are tweets sent in response to a specific account (example: “@Twitter”).
  3. Mention these accounts: Enter the account name in this field to see all Tweets that refer to a specific account (example: Tweets that contain “@Twitter”).

Use Twitter Advance search With Tweet Engagement

With the help of this filter we can filter the Tweet with its Engagement like comment, Like. There are 3 sublevel on which we can filter.

  1. Minimum replies: If we want to search the tweet which has minimum 400 replies on their tweet. Then this field is for you. IT take the number and return all the tweet with minimum replies.
  2. Minimum Likes: If we want to search the tweet which has minimum 500 like on their tweet. Then this field is for you. It take the number and return all the tweet with minimum like.
  3. Minimum retweet: If we want to search the tweet which has minimum 200 retweet on their tweet. IT take the number and return all the tweet with minimum retweet.

Use Twitter Advance search with Dates Range

From this date to this date: Many time we did not remember when was the Tweets. But we have idea may be this day they tweet. So by using this date range filter we can find out the tweet.

In addition to the Advanced Search page, there are some other great resources to help you refine your results. The Twitter search results page has menu options for filtering results by media type, profile, and more.

Twitter advance search

How to save Twitter advance search for future use?

Saving the search is a great way to keep eye on your competitor and People sharing the content, and about your company etc.

To save your search query, right-click the three dots next to the search bar, and then click Save this search. In one Twitter account we can save up to 25 search only.

Save Twitter advance search for future use

The next time you visit Twitter to do another search, all your saved searches will appear in a drop-down menu.

Best 5 Ways to Use Twitter Advanced Search for Marketing and Sales

  1. Find your interactions with another Twitter account.
  2. Find the most popular tweets about a topic.
  3. Find your most popular tweets.
  4. Find ideas for blog posts.
  5. Filter tweets by location.

Find your interactions with another Twitter account

It is hard to remember interaction with other. We have to always recall. May be sometimes you recall but most of time you can not recall those thing. But using the Twitter “From these Account” and “To these Account” you can easily filter out a specific interaction in your Twitter search history. Below is the example how you can use this filter.

Twitter advance search with from one account to other account

Find the most popular tweets about a topic

This search trick allows you to set your own metrics for a popular post, as an alternative to “Popular Tweets” displayed on Twitter for each search term.

“Go to the Twitter search box, enter any search term and paste the operators min_retweets: [number] or min_faves: [number] to filter the search results.” For example, you might search for “twitter min_retweets:5 OR min_faves:5”.

Now you see the result will show you tweets with at least five retweets or five favorites.

Twitter advance search

Find your most popular tweets

With the same technology, you can also find the most popular tweets from your own Twitter account. To do this, go to the Twitter research page (or use Twitter’s advanced search feature) and search for “from: [your account] min_retweets 20“.

For example: “from:twitter min_retweets:2000“.

Find most popular tweet using Twitter advance search

It returns the results of tweets sent from the @twitter account with more than 2000 retweets.

Find ideas for blog posts

Twitter is a great source of inspiration for blog posts. When you use advanced search to research, you can see what people are saying about a particular topic.

We did an advanced Twitter search to locate this post.

Twitter advance search

Filter tweets by location

To find people who talk about your brand in a specific place, use two near: and within:.

The near operator is followed by the name of the location, which can be a city, state, country, zip, or geocode (the GPS coordinates of the location, which you can find on Google Maps).

The operator within comes after the distance. By default, Twitter uses 15 miles, but you can change the distance by adding miles.

Twitter advance search by using location

For example, to search for tweets on a pizza in New Delhi within 10 miles, the search term would be “Pizza near:Delhi within:10km.”

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