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How to set a locked folder and hide your photos in Google Photos


Google Photos looking for a way to hide your photos from other people on your phone can use the app’s native locked folder feature. It allows you to hide your private photos and videos in a password-protected space. This will allow you to keep your multimedia content hidden when someone looks at your photos and videos saved in Google Photos or any other app on your phone. You can also move your existing photos to the locked folder in Google Photos to protect them by locking your device’s screen.

Locked Folder came out in May and was initially available as an exclusive feature on Google Pixel phones. However, Google announced in late October that the feature would be rolling out to all Android users in the near future. It will infect iOS users early next year.

Hidden photos will not appear in the locked folder in the Google Photos network, Memories, Search, or Albums. You will also not be able to find it in any other installed application that has access to your usual photos and videos.

In this article, we detail the steps you need to follow to configure the locked folder to hide your photos in Google Photos.

How to set up Locked Folder and hide your pictures in Google Photos

Before starting the tutorial, it is important to note that the experience is currently limited to Google Pixel 3 and later. So, if you have an eligible device, you can go ahead and follow the steps below to set up the locked folder feature in Google Photos to hide your photos. Make sure you have the latest version of Google Photos installed on your phone.

  1. Go to Library > Utilities and then tap Set up Locked Folder.
  2. Google Photos will now show you a screen detailing the features of the locked folder feature. Touch Set up a locked folder to continue.
  3. Now, use the screen lock option of your current device, which can be fingerprint unlock, pattern, alphanumeric password or numeric PIN to set the locked folder.

Once you have successfully followed these steps and the setup is complete, you can move your existing photos and videos to the locked folder by clicking on Move Items option. This will show you all the media content available on your device.

After you select Photos to move to Locked Photos, you will receive a message with a message stating that the moved items will not be backed up or shared and will not appear in the network, search, and other Google Photos apps. You can continue your selection by clicking on Transfer.

Note that the photos you hide in the locked folder will not be backed up or shared via Google Photos. Also, people who have access to unlock their device screen can unlock the locked folder in the app and view hidden media files.

Pictures saved in the locked folder can also be moved back by selecting them in the folder and clicking the Move button.

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