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How to search by image in google?

how to search by image in google

Now a day everyone have a smartphone. They are spending their more of the time on searching something. Can you believe the latest data shows that Google processes over 99,000 searches every single second (Internet Live Stats, 2022). This makes more than 8.5 billion searches a day (Internet Live Stats, 2022). Everyone is searching with query only but do you know we can also search by image in Google and this is also called reverse image search? In this article I will tell how to search by image in google?

What is Reverse Image Search?

Searching of any query with an image is known as reverse image search. Lets take a example suppose you have a meme image on your phone gallery and you want more meme related to this image. Now with that meme photo you can search more images on google. Google then finds websites featuring your image as well as related images. Google Images also finds your image title and displays other websites related to your image title.

When to use Google reverse image search?

Searching by image on Google is very useful in the following situations:

Finding information about image.

If you have image and you want information about the image and text written on top of that. In this case you can do image search in google.

Uncover plagiarism.

A reverse image search will turn up similar images. This can tell if the image has been copied from someone else’s work.

Find other similar images.

If you want to find other images associated with a particular image, reverse search will also fill in the related images.

How to search by image in google?

To do image search in google there are 5 method to do. Like search with image, search with image URL etc. Lets discuss all this method know the step to search with image in google.

Search with uploading an image in google

  • Open the Google Image
  • Click on Camera icon
  • Click on upload a file.
  • Select a image.
  • Click open or choose.
  • Now it will show all result related to the image.

Search with Drag & drop an image in google

  • Open browser.
  • Open the Google Image
  • On your computer, find the file with the image you want to search with.
  • Click the image you want to drag.
  • Hold down the mouse, drag the image, and then drop it into the search box.

Search with image URL in google

  • Go to the image that you want to search.
  • Right-click on the image and click Copy image address to copy the URL.
  • Open the Google Image
  • Click Search by image Google Lens and then Paste image link.
  • In the text box, paste the URL and click Search.

Search with an image from a website

  • Open the Chrome browser.
  • Go to the website with the image you want to use.
  • Right-click the image.
  • Click Search Image with Google Lens to display results in a sidebar.

Search with an image from search results

  • On your computer, go to Google Images.
  • Search for an image.
  • Click the image.
  • At the top right, click Search inside image .

How to search by image in google from phone?

search by image in google from phone is same as from laptop/computer. Only the difference in that we have to open google image in laptop, but in phone google provide with it search box. Follow the below step to search by image in google

  • Open the Google chrome in phone.
  • Click on Camera icon
  • Click on upload a file.
  • Select a image.
  • Click open or choose.
Can you search an image from your phone?

Yes, Search for an image. Tap the image. At the top right, tap Search inside image 

How do you google search an image on iPhone?

On your iPhone or iPad, go to images.google.com. Search for an image. Tap an image. Scroll to find images related to the image you selected.

Can you take a picture of something and search it?

You can learn more about a photo or the objects around you with Google Lens. For example, you can take a photo of a plant and use it to search for information or other similar images.

Can you reverse image search a screenshot?

Screenshot reverse image search on the phone is the same as it is on the desktop. If you’re on Android or iPhone, simply open your preferred mobile browser, go to images.google.com, and click the camera icon. Then, select the screenshot you just took and upload it.

What does Google reverse image do?

As the name suggests, reverse image search allows you to search the Internet (whether it’s from the web or your own) using images against words. By sharing a particular image with its search engine, it will continue to find others similar to it.

How do you see if a picture is anywhere else on the Internet?

If you’re looking for an image, the best place to start is images.google.com. Click on the little camera icon and the screen will change so you can paste the image URL or upload the image you want to search.

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