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How to Schedule a Live Video on Instagram: Follow These Steps


Instagram recently introduced the ability to schedule live broadcasts. With Live Scheduling, you can schedule your streaming up to 90 days in advance, and Followers can set reminders to tune in. Instagram offers the opportunity to start a live video through Stories. This feature is especially good for aspiring content producers to increase engagement. It allows users to connect directly with their followers.

Live schedules allow content producers to create Buzz 90 days in advance, and Followers can anticipate a big announcement, an upcoming event, or even a release. Followers will see a prompt with a post, description, and direct link. Live schedules allow content producers to publish countdown stories and more.

How to schedule a live video on Instagram

Any Instagram user can schedule a live video, and it’s not limited to content producers. While it is easy to get started with live video on Instagram, scheduling it for the future is also an easy task. Users on Instagram can also add other followers to the live video. Follow these easy steps to schedule a live video on Instagram:

  1. Open the Instagram app, Swipe left to open the camera.

  2. Once the camera opens, swipe right from the bottom edge and select Live.

  3. An option called Schedule should show up on the right side of the screen. Select Schedule and set the name of the event in ‘Video Title.’

  4. Click on Start Time and select a date and time sometime in the future for scheduling.

  5. Click on Schedule Live Video.

  6. Users can then share the scheduled live as a post for their followers, who will also get reminders before you go live.

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