January 30, 2023
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How to earn money from home in lockdown in india with your mobile

In today’s situation, everything changes, life changes, what is wrong and what does not change, and with it the most important part of life, the way you make money through your work at home.

Not only has the COVID situation affected people below the poverty line, but everyone in India and around the world has been affected in some way.

Many suffered tragically because of the low or no income from the previous blockade.

But this is not the illness we fight, but the war. With each war, we fight, learn something, and become stronger than before.

What is the most important question that comes to your mind?

  • How to make money at home from India?
  • How do you make money at home?
  • How to be protected from a pandemic and win safely.
    The solution for work from home is not that complicated.

Now let’s use our resources and skills in the best possible way and get ready again!

I’ll show you some of the best ways to earn a home job using the most powerful tools available for all-the “Internet”

Methods to Earn Money at Home

  1.  Stock Market
  2.  Online tutor
  3.  Affiliate Marketing

Earn from Stock Market

When you ask someone about the stock market, more than 2% of the population is very afraid to explore it, but it is known as a speculative market because it easily follows any rumors.

If you want to grow your money at a decent annual rate then you need to think a little about how the market will react, and you have a chance Mr. Market never fails to present it.

Now let’s talk about the tracks.

Before investing in the stock market, one needs to have the following:

1. Knowledge of the stock market
2. Passion
3. Time
4. Discipline
5. Money
6. Demat Account
7. High-speed internet connection and trading platform
8. Trading rules
9. Patience

1. Knowledge about the stock market: It is a big ocean and a huge subject.
At least you should have basic knowledge about fundamental and technical analysis. Since I have already answered this in my earlier question, I am just sharing the links of the answers below:

2. Passion: What is passion? It’s a strong emotional attachment to what we’re doing. Once we get in touch, we do our best to learn about the stock market, read news related to the stock market, read news related to the stock market, and when friends talk about the stock market, we do so. Please listen with interest.

3. Time: If you are an investor or a trader, you need to spend some time on the stock market. At least 30 minutes of market summary news in the first place.

4. Discipline: Discipline is more important in all areas than in the stock market. If you are not financially trained, you will soon be out of stock. Greed and fear are the greatest enemies of discipline.

5. Money: Don’t put all of your money in the stock market. First put in that extra money that you can afford to lose. Only invest a little money after you get used to trading. But don’t forget that it’s a system.

6. Demat account: Now there are many brokerage firms offering discount brokerage. Some make tall claims and some come with hidden charges. So due diligence before picking up one.

7. High-Speed internet and trading platforms: Most internet servers provide a high-speed internet connection, but if the connection is down, check to see if you are getting faster service.
You also need a good trading platform to trade, have good charts and analysis tools, and get good reports.

8. Trading Rules: Based on your technical knowledge and available scanners on your trading platform. Create your own set of trading rules. Where you want to enter, where you want to make a profit, where you want to maintain your stop loss.

9. Patience: Once you have decided on the rules, wait anxiously at the entry-level. Do not jump and punch commands with the opening bell. Wait for the market to stabilize and patiently wait for the market to reverse.

How to earn money from home in lockdown in india with your mobile

Actively or passively managed by the Fund manager:

In the long run, indexes like Nifty and Sensex have proven to generate better returns and allow you to think of index funds for long-term safe investment. You have the potential to get operating costs and therefore better returns.

But it may bother you with bear racing. Therefore, to hedge a portfolio, you also need to invest part of your investment in a debt fund. It has lower returns than equity funds, but it is beneficial in the long run, especially in the worst of situations.

* Everyone profits from the market in simple steps: buy stocks at low prices and sell them at high prices, but it’s not tea for everyone

How to earn money from home in lockdown in india with your mobile

Actively managed by an individual:

If you are looking for a better return than an index fund, you need to find a stock that performs well or promises in the future and briefly describes its fundamentals, business, and growth.

To reach your goals, either try to buy it (a stock your fundamentals seem good for) at a lower price (via value investing) or explore an IPO (initial public offering). It shows you the market.

If you buy the wrong stock or at the wrong price, you might be lost. So you can start small and ignore the loss.

It was just about investing. Many traders book extraordinary profits using equity or derivative techniques (stocks or indices). In the long term, however, only a few can survive in the market.

Earn from Online Tutor

How to earn money from home in lockdown in india with your mobile

Anyone with a specialized interest in any subject matter can be a tutor online.

  • The best way to start teaching online is to register with websites like Fiverr and Freelancers. This is one of the most efficient and reliable companies to teach online
  • You can use platforms such as Zoom and Skype for live teaching. But
  • For that, you need to establish trust.
  • You need to find students.
  • Start from scratch, but according to me due to COVID-19, this isn’t the time for that.
  • you get all these advantages and you also get the opportunity to interact with the students around the globe.

List of the site where you can teach online

  1.  VIPKID
  2. Education First 
  3. Course Hero
  4. Wyzant

The role of online teaching is not limited to trends due to the current epidemiological situation, it is also important not to interrupt education. Start earning at work and home today and help your students with this pandemic situation.

Earn from Affiliate Marketing

It’s like running a retail store. The difference here is that the products you sell are not yours. So you make money by selling products and services and you don’t even have to own them.

what do you need? If you have a website or are trying to find an idea for a blog, or if you need to make money online from homework with the help of your cell phone, you go Is also good.

It is cool.

So how does it work:

  • Partner with brands and business-like, Amazon, Flipkart, or any company related to your websites, etc.
  • Most business-like Amazon, Flipkart has its own websites from where you can apply for affiliate marketing for free.
  • From there, you will get a link to the product.
  • You need to share the link and whenever someone purchases the product using your link you get paid.
  • For sharing the link you can use any social media platforms, websites, etc.

So, you can make a good amount of money ranging from $300per day to $3000 per day.


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