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How to download Taro Yokoo’s new game “NieR Reincarnation”

How to download Taro Yokoo's new game "NieR Reincarnation"

The easiest way to download and play Nier Reincarnation qooapp.

Square Enix plans to launch NieR Reincarnation in Japan on February 18th, and Taro Yokoo and some of NieR’s fans are thinking about how to download the game. Taro Yokoo, who confessed that he had never spent money on making gachas in mobile games, was able to use nier reincarnation qooapp. This gives great hope for the quality of the game. Let’s see how to download /

First, Square Enix has started preloading nier reincarnation qooapp. So, in theory, you can download the game now. However, players living outside Japan, as most people reading this will apply, will not be able to download the game directly from the App Store or Google Play. The reason is that both are bound to a region or Japanese apps can only be downloaded if you are connected to a Japanese account.

How To Download NieR Reincarnation Japanese Version on Android

There are some easy ways to get around this problem, but only on Android. The easiest way is to use QooApp. With QooApp, you can download Japanese mobile games regardless of the region without creating an account. This way you will be able to play nier reincarnation qooapp at launch. You can download QooApp from your mobile on Google Play.

Another option is to install an Android emulator like Bluestacks on your computer and then install QooApp.

Once in QooApp, just search for NieR Reincarnation and download the game and you’re done.

NieR Reincarnation Release Date

NieR Reincarnation will start at midnight on February 18th, Japan Standard Time. This means 10 am EST on February 17th. (Click here to view the table for other time zones).

However, keep in mind that mobile games tend to have many startup issues. Bugs and server overloads are especially noticeable. Even if you download it, it can be very difficult to play NieR Reincarnation at startup.

At the same time, producer Yosuke Saito said in one of the official live broadcasts of NieR Reincarnation that Square Enix is ​​spending a lot of money building powerful servers. See this thread for more information.

You can also see the first 10 minutes of gameplay here. Finally, Square Enix also announced that Taro Yokoo’s manga is about to begin. All the details are here.

Square Enix will also release NieR Replicant Ver 1.22 via Steam for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on April 24, 2021.

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