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How to delete Google Pay transaction history?

How to delete Google Pay transaction history?

Google pay is a online payment application. Google pay is launch on 26 May 2011. You can use google pay to transfer money from bank to another bank also
in india you can make UPI payment this is a connect less payment method. You can use Google pay at any where like buying cloths online or buy milk on shop or get ticket online. Just your have to scan or enter you UPI id and pay. Its is very fast transfer the money. But You think here that what is UPI and how you can use to transfer the money? Read this article to know more about the UPI. When we pay money using Google pay it save the details to use in future. But many user want to delete or hide this Google pay Transition history for their privacy. Using Google pay Application you can only hide the history but to delete the history you have to do some extra step.
Lets discuss first what is Google pay and later we discuss how to delete the history from Google pay.

What is Google Pay?

Google Pay is a digital wallet and payment platform from Google by which you can transfer money to other person within a second just you need the internet. You can transfer money to other UPI or direct in Bank Account also. There is no extra or hidden charge of transferring money. Through the UPI you can transfer money only in India. For the international payment we have to enter the bank details then we can send.

How to hide Google pay transaction history?

In Google pay application we can hide the transaction and later on we can unhide them. To know how to hide google pay history follow the below step.

Step 1) Open your Google pay application

Step 2) Under the People section it show transaction history.

Step 3) Long Tap on history that you want to hide.

Step 4) Click on Hide.

How to delete Google Pay transaction history?

When you hide google pay transaction in future you can unhide. But when you delete the google pay transaction you can not revert them. So before deleting the history first confirm by yourself what you want. To delete the transaction we need some extra step to do. Follow the below step to delete the google pay history.

  1. Open Google Chrome and visit “” website
  2. Search for “Google Account” and sign in to your account
  3. Now select “Data & Privacy” by clicking on the three horizontal lines in the top left corner
  4. Go to the “History Settings” section and select “Web & App Activity” > “Manage All Web & App Activity”
  5. Now tap on the vertical three lines on the search bar and select “Other Google Activity”
  6. Under the Google Pay experience, tap on “Manage Activity”
  7. You will see a “Delete” dropdown where you can choose which part of the transaction history you want to delete.

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