January 30, 2023
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How to check processor in android phones

Today I’m going to show you how to find out what processor you have on yourAndroid device it’s pretty simple all you need is an app to do it that’s called cpu-z.

Step to check the processor in phones

  • Go to the Play Store and then search for CPU-z then it’ll be the first tone that pops up this one with the purple logo and its a free app just install it and it doesn’t even require any special permission so and you can see it has tons of five-star ratings and everything once it installs.
How to check processor in android phones
How to check processor in android phones
  • Just open it up and it will just list your processor right at the top your processor is pretty important for how fast your phone is so and it’s feeling a bit sluggish then you can kind of look it up and see

How to check processor in android phones How to check processor in android phones

  • if your processor is getting a bit outdated otherwise you could kind of if you knew it was a newer processor you could kind of blame your phone so what it shows you
  • Here is at the top is what actually the processor is like the Snapdragon 800 if you looked at that up you could find out all kinds of information about the processor.
  • Then down here it’s showing you how fast it’s running like for CPU zero it’s telling you how fast that core is running so if those were all running pretty high then your phone would be working really hard and using a lot more electricity than if only the first core was doing something so and then your GPU rendered down at the bottom that is how well processes graphics so like the 330 is a very new platform and it works much better for games than an older one would
  • If you just want to know that more about your phone like what kind of processor and GPU has that’s information you can find out right here

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