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How to add signature in Gmail With LOGO

How to add signature in Gmail With LOGO

This is the age of internet and almost everyone has some sort of digital footprint these days. Electronic mail (e-mail) started as an online communication platform and has been transformed into an important form of communication for businesses and commerce today. When it comes to e-mail market share Gmail has the most dominant one, with over 1.5 billion users worldwide. Launched in 2004 as a free service provider, became big hit amongst its users with various features such as 1 GB storage, which was very unique at that time. Gmail also provided the iconic Google search engine to help customers access their emails easily.

Today Gmail has come a very long way with its popularity growing year by year and has some interesting features these days such as using Machine learning algorithms to help users while writing an email.

However most of the users don’t completely use the vast array of features which it provides. One of the most useful features is the Gmail signature. In this blog we will see how to use this feature step by step.

Importance of Gmail signature

Here are the various reasons one should use Gmail signature.

Gives you recognition

If your signature includes your email address, phone number, website address, and other information; it will stand out when your email is forwarded. Imagine having to sift through a large email trail to find the identities and email addresses of those involved. Instead of again asking for one’s personal contact information in the subsequent email conversation the receiver will have all your details if Gmail signature is provided.

Displays your professionalism

Having a consistent image throughout your firm demonstrates that your organization is well-established and is also a very great way of displaying that you and your firm have very good reputation in conducting best business practices. This provides confidence building to your recipients.

Branding opportunity

A signature is an excellent way to personalise each communication you send. It establishes and reinforces your company’s identity. This identity may be very beneficial in conducting businesses, as it offers an opportunity to brand your organization which has a lasting good impact.

Personal profile

The icing on the cake is including a photo in your email signature. It will enable the person who receives the email to form a personal connection with you. This connection has very good implications as it builds your relationship with your recipient, who will feel free to engage in business with you.

Provides legitimacy

It is very easy for your email to be marked as spam these days. This is bad for your business, personal relationships, and reputation. By convincing your recipients that your email is real, a Gmail signature delivers vital authenticity. If ended up in spam it will be a very big loss of time for you as well as for your organization. Most probably the algorithms that filter e-mails as spam will omit the e-mails which have its signature attached.

How to add signature in Gmail

Here are several step for adding an email signature in Gmail.

Step-1: Sign in to your Gmail account

a. Open a new tab in your browser.

b. In the address bar, type in, then press Enter.

c. Sign in to your Gmail account.

Step 2: Go to Gmail settings

How to add signature in Gmail With LOGO

a. Click the Settings icon in the top-right corner of Gmail. The Quick Settings menu will open.

b. Click See all settings.

c. In the General tab, scroll down and find the Signature section.

How to add signature in Gmail With LOGO

Step 3:  Create Gmail signature

a. Click Create new.

b. Enter a name to identify the signature and then click Create. A text box will appear next to the created signature.

c. Type in your signature in the text box. You can insert your photo, links, and such. You can also format the signature (including changing font, font size, and so on).

How to add signature in Gmail With LOGO

 This way you can create multiple signatures by clicking Create new.

Step 4: Set default signatures

If you have multiple signatures, you can set default signatures. You can set default signatures for two cases: For new emails use and On reply/forward use. Select the required signatures for these two cases under Signature defaults.

After making all the changes, click Save Changes at the bottom for the changes to take effect.

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