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How to add link to Instagram story?

How to add link to Instagram story?

Before adding the link in Instagram stories, first of all we have to understand who can add and what are the benefit of adding the link in Instagram stories. Now a day Instagram become the big market place. According to the statista in 2021 2 Billon people are active in every months. Influencer are using this platform and make million of dollar by just placing the link in their Instagram stories.

Previously adding the link in Instagram stories are only allowed to those people who have 10000 follower. But now Instagram remove this threshold and allow everyone to add link in their stories by using Link Sticker.


What is Instagram stories?

Instagram stories is one of the best feature in the Instagram. In Instagram Stories we can share the short video and images only for 24 hours. Instagram allow stories only for 24 hours because the motive of developing Instagram stories is that people can share their daily activity.

Instagram stories are visible to every user. If you make your account private then it is only visible to only those how follow you.
if anyone want to reply on the stories he/she also able reply on your stories as well.

What is Instagram Link Sticker?

Instagram introduce a new feature Link sticker. By using the Link Sticker we can add external link in our Instagram stories. In starting there was a feature swipe up where user can add link. But swipe up feature are not user friendly.

Benefit of using Link Sticker

There are many benefit of Link Sticker some are listed below:

  • Sticker are more familiar and popular with user, User always add polls, follow, mentions etc sticker
  • We can customize the sticker so it look more attractive.
  • If it look more attractive then user engage will increase.
  • We can also check statistic how many user click on click.

Who can use Instagram Link Sticker?

Before the Link sticker user were use Swipe Up feature to add external Link. To use swipe up feature user must have 10k Follower otherwise he/she were not allow to use this feature.

But latter on Instagram introduce Link Sticker which is also use for adding external Link in Instagram stories. The most important part of this feature is any one can use this, there is no any restriction.

How to add link in Instagram Stories?

  • Login to your Instagram Account.
  • On the left top corner it show your profile photo. Click on that profile.
How to add link to Instagram story?
  • Choose Photo/Video that you want to add in your story.
  • Swipe up and search Link Sticker and click.
How to add link to Instagram story?
  • Now it give option to add link.
How to add link to Instagram story?
  • In Last click on Done.

How to customize your Instagram link sticker?

If you find that your Instagram link sticker doesn’t match your brand’s aesthetic, you’ll be happy to know that you can further customize it in a few simple steps.
Here are the step to customize the Link Sticker.

  • Create your Instagram Story and add a link sticker just as you usually would.
  • Go to the design app of your choice.
  • Design a sticker that is on-brand, visually pleasing, with a clear CTA (eg., “Read more” or “Tap here!”).
  • Export it to your phone as a PNG file with a transparent background.
  • Go back to your Instagram Story draft, and add your custom sticker from your phone’s photo album or files.
  • Place the custom sticker directly over your link sticker.


Is there any criteria or restriction to add link in Instagram story?

No, restriction was removed. Now any one can add link.

Can we add video Link in Instagram Stories?

Yes, It is not necessary that you can only add product link. We can add any type of link e.g. video, any website, any file link etc.

Can we customize the Link Sticker design?

Yes, we can customize according to our need.

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