January 28, 2023
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How many followers need to use Twitter spaces?

Twitter's new "super follow" feature requires users to pay for private content

Twitter Spaces will be rolled out to more users on Monday.

How many followers need to use Twitter spaces?

Twitter is an ad posted on its blog that reveals that all users with more than 600 Twitter followers will be able to host on Twitter Spaces starting today.

What can you do with the Twitter spaces?

Twitter Spaces is a voice chat feature that social media platforms began testing at the end of last year. This feature is slowly and randomly deployed to more and more users.

Like Clubhouse, Spaces is an invited voice-only social network. However, there are some differences. For example, Spaces has been integrated into Twitter instead of existing as a standalone service.

According to Twitter, users will be able to sell tickets to Spaces events over the next few months. Users can also pre-schedule Spaces chats and set reminders to alert followers when Spaces are about to start. Twitter is also planning to make Spaces more accessible through live captions.

The shared hosting feature also works in Spaces. Currently, this particular conversation ends when the host leaves the space. With the future shared host functionality, space can be pursued by letting the co-host take over.

How to enable Twitter spaces?

If you have access to host the space, here’s how to do it: Users can start the space by holding down the Tweet button from the mobile app and tapping the blue-purple button at the bottom. Live space is now displayed at the top of the app along with the fleet. Please note that the space feature is currently only available to Twitter mobile app users.

How many followers need to use Twitter spaces

As Spaces expanded, Twitter released several other ads mocking future features of Twitter Spaces.

Twitter in March said that the Spaces app will be open to everyone. Hosting space is not yet available to everyone, but posting it on accounts with more than 600 followers is still a lot of users As always, anyone can join the current space to listen and join the current space conversations.

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