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Here is the Hop Floppers & Shockwave Grenades in Fortnite Season 6 (Week 10 Legendary Quest)

Here is the Hop Floppers & Shockwave Grenades in Fortnite Season 6 (Week 10 Legendary Quest)

As players approach the end of season 6 of Fortnite, they may be looking for ways to boost their seasonal XP, and legendary quests may be a possible solution. Both epic quests and mythical quests are added weekly in the fortnight, but epic missions can be completed at any time during the season. Mythical missions are limited to exactly one week. The Fortnite Legends mission involves a single activity that players must perform in five stages, called tiers, with each stage usually increasing in difficulty or volume. Whenever players clear a rank, the legendary quest rewards a large chunk of XP: 35,000 XP for first-tier withdrawals, and 24,500 XP for each of the remaining four levels. During Week 10 of Fortnight Season 6, players can complete a great quest to climb the plane in about 8 minutes using two bounce change items.

The legendary week of Week 10 allows players to achieve 100, 200, 300, 400, and 55 seconds of flying through flops and stun grenades. Hop records are the kind of fish that are found most days on the Fortnight map. When consumed, they reduce the effect of gravity, allowing players to jump higher and stay in the air longer. Shock wave grenades are a type of weapon that can blow up players for long distances, even though buildings, without hitting them. Players must find enough of these items to spend a total of eight minutes in the air. Players who complete all five levels of the Quest Award carry 133,000 XP in preparation for the Battle of Season 6. Fortnite Season 6 begins here to find flops and stun grenades to complete the legendary week 10 journey.

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How To Get Hop Floppers In Fortnite Season 6

While using Hop Floppers it will be easiest to complete the legendary week of week 10 in Fortnight Season 6. Almost every bio on the Fortnight map has a variation of Flop Hop. They can usually be caught with any standard fishing rod or harpoon gun. Related versions and daily appear below:

  • Drift Hop Flopper: Any fishing spot
  • Coho Hop Flopper: Forest biomes
  • Atlantic Hop Flopper: Mountain biomes (requires a Pro Fishing Rod)
  • Chinhook Hop Flopper: Swamp biomes
  • Chum Hop Flopper: Coastal biomes

Players must lift a hook before they begin to roll in hop papers. These are in the form of loot in barrels or around the map near fishing locations.

To use the hop flopper, players will simply need to consume it. This gives players a low traction effect for a minute, with the help of which they can jump and swim in the air. To get the maximum time flown for each hop flop catcher, players can consider building a structure at a higher position and jumping from that height.

How To Get Shockwave Grenades In Fortnite Season 6

The market wave grenades are a bit harder to find in season 6 of Fortnite, giving them a less reliable way to complete the legendary journey quickly. Shockwave grenades, like most Fortnite grenades, are a type of loot. Players can usually find and pick up shock wave grenades in the form of loot of the floor, chest, supply drops, and some supply amulets. They always come in sets of two.

To use a shock wave grenade, players must throw it near their feet towards the ground. Shock wave grenades do not cause damage or fall, but anyone caught within the scope of the explosion will be thrown into the air. Like hop floppers, players can maximize the effect of any shockwave grenade by detonating a tall structure or topographic peak on the map.

As they are working to complete the 10th week of the Great Week in Season 6 of the fortnight, players should consider using the Team Rumble mode. The Rumble Team facilitates seamless completion of fishing and provides them with sufficient material to construct structures immediately. It also ensures that they can respond again and again if they are removed while working on the challenge.

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