January 31, 2023
New Delhi

Google new Nest thermostat has Soli but it doesn’t support gestures

Google's New Nest Thermostat Has Soli But Doesn't Support Gestures

Google finally launched another product with Soli technology and no, that’s not the smartphone we’re talking about. The device in question is the new Nest Thermostat which is a simplified version of the previous iteration and will cost $ 129.

The new thermostats will be available in Snow, Charcoal, Sand, and Fog – the colors we saw recently on Nest Audio. Aside from the new colors, there are also design changes with no trigger button being the largest of them. Given how easy it is to use the Power button, it’s surprising that Google has chosen to get rid of it.

Google's New Nest Thermostat Has Soli But Doesn't Support Gestures, tech news, prroduct review

What’s even more surprising is the use of Soli technology in the Nest Thermostat. Although the Soli chip can identify various movements, it only helps the thermostat to detect if someone is standing in front of it. There are gesture-based controls shown here.

The input handle is a touch-sensitive bar located on the right side of the device which can be used to adjust the temperature.

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To cut costs, Google has also removed the learning function which means it can’t automatically adjust the temperature when you are at home or outside. It can still be scheduled, and Google says it will also offer suggestions to help you save energy. There is also geolocation poetry which automatically activates economy mode when you are not at home.

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