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Google Meet vs Zoom Meeting | Is Zoom better than Google Meet?

The use of videoconferencing software has become increasingly indispensable today with the COVID-19 pandemic when most companies were forced to teleport overnight. Thanks to virtual meetings, teams can adapt all workflows by simply scheduling a quick meeting at any time.

Google Meet and Zoom are direct competitors and two of the most popular virtual conferencing tools on the market. And while they are very similar to each other in many ways, they also have some important differences that can have a big impact on your decision about a video conferencing tool.

This article will help you to know which is the best option when comparing Zoom vs. Meet. Let’s dig deep.

What is Zoom Metting?

Zoom is developed by Zoom Video Communications Inc., Zoom is a cloud-based point-to-point program used for teleconferencing, distance education broadcasting, and social networking. It is one of the easiest videoconferencing tools that have existed in recent times. It has recently been examined for its security breaches and the false claim of end-to-end encryption, which has been handled effectively by the company. Very popular for online meetings and video chat with friends or family.

Google Meet vs Zoom Meeting | Is Zoom better than Google Meet?

What is Google Meet Metting?

It is a video conferencing software. It was developed by Google Inc. In 2017. It can work perfectly on Android, iOS, and Web systems. It can have up to 100 participants for free for 60 minutes. There can be 16 people on screen at any time. It has a very safe and robust system with smart background noise filtering.

Google Meet vs Zoom Meeting | Is Zoom better than Google Meet?

Google Meet vs Zoom

A video conferencing tool needs some basic resources to provide the best virtual events experience over the Internet. It is important to be aware of the possibility of screen sharing to illustrate data, presentations, and general examples during meetings or classes, for example. Additionally, the length of the video conference and the number of participants are aspects that must be considered before making a final decision.

Screen sharing and Captions

You can easily share your screen with Google Meet and Zoom meeting participants.

In addition, both applications allow users to use captions. Google Meet has real-time caption technology, so it’s easy to understand what other participants are saying during a call. This feature is useful for non-native speakers of the language used and for people with hearing impairments. Please note, however, that this feature is only available in English.

With Zoom, you can get closed captions with the help of integration with third-party tools to make this feature work.

Free Meeting time

Neither Meet nor Zoom specifies meeting times for your paid plans. But on Zoom’s basic plan, meetings can only last 40 minutes. Currently, Meet’s free plan is unlimited, due to the COVID-19 epidemics. After March 2021, Google will limit meetings to 60 minutes.

If you are looking for a free program, switch over to Google Meet for the longest time. With Zoom, you will definitely want to cut meetings in half due to the limited time.

Number of participants allowed joining

Zoom allows up to 100 participants in the Basic and Pro plans, up to 300 participants in the Business plan, and up to 500 in the Enterprise plan. Whereas, on Google, find 100 participants in the free plan and 300 participants in the Google Workspace Essential and Enterprise plans.

So, for you to decide between the two tools on that specific topic, it will depend only on the use you give. Zoom’s most advanced plans are definitely ideal for companies that often offer webinars or large virtual events throughout the year. But if the team, company, or class is less than 100 people, the free plan for any of the systems is for you.

Screen Recording

Zoom allows all users to record video or audio meetings. Free users can only save up to 1 GB of recordings locally on their computers, but all paid plans offer the ability to save them to the cloud.

Unfortunately, free Google Meet users are not able to record video conferences. However, Basic and Business users can save it and save it to Google Drive.


Google Meet

  • Multiple 2-step Verification Options
  • Browser-based (although the option is present, there is no need for client installation or constant patch repair, which reduces the attack surface)
  • Adheres to IETF standards for DTLS and SRTP
  • Encryption details: -256-bit TLS
  • According to Google: For each person and for each meeting, Meet creates a unique encryption key, which lasts only for the duration of the meeting, is never stored on disk, and is transferred over an encrypted and secure RPC (called remote action) while setting up the meeting


  • Two-factor Authentication Option
  • Limited browser-based functionality requires client download / installation for full functionality, in addition to updates / fixes
  • Encryption details: -256-bit TLS
  • According to Zoom: Zoom security architecture and solutions provide encryption and meeting access controls so that data cannot be intercepted in transit.


Starting with the free plans available in both tools. If you are looking for something temporary and don’t want to spend a purchase on a plan, Zoom and Chat will provide that. But be sure to compare all the restrictions between freemium to determine which ones are the best.

Google Meet vs. Zoom: Pricing

Google Meet  


Free  0 USD  Basic  0 USD
Google Workspace Essentials  8 USD user/month Pro  14.99 USD user/month²
Enterprise  Contact the sales team  Business  19.99 USD user/month³
Google Workspace plans¹           Check here Enterprise  19.99 USD user/month⁴


zoom vs Meet, Google Meet vs Zoom Meeting | Is Zoom better than Google Meet?

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