September 25, 2023
New Delhi

Google Maps compass revives on Android

Google cancels April Fools' joke again for the second times

Google has announced that it will return the compass tool to maps on Android devices.

Google said in a support post that it has decided to revive Compass for “overwhelming support” for this feature.

The company said, “We are pleased to announce that the compass has returned to Android maps. The compass was removed from Android maps in early 2019 to clean up the navigation screen, but with extensive support. I’m back for. ”

What is the use of Google Map Compass?

“When I use the map to go to my destination on Android, the compass appears again as one of the tools on the right side of the screen. When I rotate it, the red arrow points north,”

  • Know which direction you are traveling in – this is called your heading
  • Align or orientate your map with your surroundings – setting the map
  • Work out which direction an object or destination is from you – it’s bearing
  • Follow a straight line of travel – called following a bearing

Android version in which Google Map Compass Works?

This feature is available to all Android users around the world who have been globally updated to version 10.62. For Google Maps users on iOS, the compass has not been removed and will continue to be available, the company said.

Last month, Google Maps launched a dark theme in its Android app for users around the world.

The Google Maps template uses a dark gray background for the map. Street names are displayed in light gray, making it easy for users to identify important landmarks and roads.

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