January 28, 2023
New Delhi

Google cancels April Fools’ joke again for the second times

Google cancels April Fools' joke again for the second times

It was disappointing that Google removed the April Fool’s joke last year. April Fool’s joke was canceled by several companies last year, and a COVID-19 pandemic also occurred. This decision to avoid the tensions that arise from last year’s pandemic makes sense. But for the second year in a row?

9t05 Google said the cancellation will happen again. Many can agree that this epidemic should end as soon as possible. It continues to devastate the world, causing problems for billions of people. As a result, Google will postpone the April Fool’s joke again.

Marvin Chow, Global Vice President of Marketing at Google, said he would suspend April Fool’s Day again this year due to the serious challenges the company still faces. Business Insider received the following original message:

Google’s removal of this April Fools’ joke shows a long way to go

Over the past year, I have been deeply inspired by how useful our products, programs, and people are during the most difficult times humanity has experienced. We have done so with sensitivity and compassion, reflecting the various difficult experiences that many people have experienced around the world.

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As you know, last year we decided to respect everyone fighting COVID-19 and abolish Google’s long-standing tradition of celebrating April Fool’s Day. Much of the world is still facing serious challenges and I feel that this April Fool’s Day needs to pause the joke again. As with last year, we still need to find the right way to bring a moment of joy to our users throughout the year (eg graffiti, Easter eggs, etc.).

It is the little things in life that can move people forward. But Google’s decision is good. There are many ways high-tech giants can bring happiness and happiness to the world.

Google confirms that the above message is actually true. It’s sad because 9to5Google saw one potential joke. The prank focused on Google Stadia. Pranks would have enhanced the gaming platform’s ability to stream games to 56,000 internet connections.

Obviously, this is a joke. Because there is no way to work. It’s nice to see the prank see the light of day, but there is no evidence that it will happen. The world is still fighting the epidemic collapse in every way.

Due to the shortage of semiconductors, tech companies around the world are flocking to inventory.

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