May 31, 2023
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USB Installation Tool gigabyte h110m-s2 motherboard drivers for windows 7 64 bit

USB Installation Tool gigabyte h110m-s2 motherboard drivers for windows 7 64 bit

Welcome back so many of you like to install windows 7 off of a USB drive it’s a lot faster than VSU your arm drive the problem is if you use a100 series mother board from gigabytes you might get this Windows 7 error now the reason for this error is because Windows 7 comes with an old driver called e-HDI.

Step to Install gigabyte h110m-s2 motherboard drivers for windows 7 64 bit

Thankfully we free an app that allows you to package a new driver called X HCI with a copy of Windows 7 allowing you to boot easily so for this eat a few things first of all-

  • Computer with Windows 7 or up a disk drive a USB Drive it has over 4gigs of space and a genuine copy of Windows 7 so once you download the app you’ll see a folder called windows install tool
  • Open it up click this right here you want to install it all it can open itright now if you a few options the first option you can pick whether you just want to add the USB drivers use that if you already have Windows 7 on USB Drive or you can pick this option here and that will copy the windows 7 image from your disk drive the D Drive to your USB Drive
  • So click that there make sure you have this clicked this will make sure that these drivers are installed on the image so once that’s ready click startand it will format the USB Drive and copy the windows 7 image to your USB Drive this will take some time so just sit back and relax so now we have a USBDrive with Windows 7 on it and the proper x HC i drivers as i’ll show you can boot with this on our new boards so plug it in first and turn on the system and we will boot into Windows 7and it’ll work just fine you can see now Windows is loading itsgoing to load some files and we’ll start with the setup so with the USB because of the faster transfer speeds it’ll takeabout half as long it’s trying to install via DVD.
  • So now we’re in the setup program we can click through a fewoptions I’ll be on our way so we’ll click Next install now and we are on our way except custom will click the disc right there we’ll hit next and we are installing ok guys youcan see the install is complete and Windows seven is good to go so hopefully we’ve answer your questions about why you are having trouble with Windows 7being installed via USB we hope is all cleared up.

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