May 28, 2023
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Free 15 Day PC Game: – Download Darkest Dungeon from the Epic Store now

Free 15 Day PC Game: - Download Darkest Dungeon from the Epic Store now


Developed and published by Red Hook Studios on February 3, 2015, inside is an RPG from Gothic roguelikes about the psychological stress of adventure.

You need to recruit, train, and guide a team of heroes who are flawed against unimaginable horror, tension, famine, illness, and constant creeping darkness. looks fun! See the trailer below.

Developers invite you on a journey of “not only fighting unimaginable enemies, but also constantly invading stress, hunger, illness, and darkness.”


New Yorker magazine listed Darkest Dungeon in its “Best Video Games of 2015” list, but states that Rock paper Shotgun is one of the “Best PCRPG50s Ever”. It is impressive. Do not miss it.

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Playdead’s great games are free to download until 18:00 SAST December 25. Visit the Epic Games Launcher to get a copy.

If you missed any of the previous games, hurry over to Epic and get it at a reduced cost while the festive season giveaway is still active.

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  • 19 December: The Long Dark
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  • 21 December: Alien: Isolation
  • 22 December: Metro: 2033 Redux
  • 23 December: Tropico 5
  • 24 December: Inside
  • 25 December: Darkest Dungeon (You are here)
  • 26 December:
  • 27 December:
  • 28 December:
  • 29 December:
  • 30 December:
  • 31 December:

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