June 1, 2023
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Fortnite Leak x Matrix crossover happens

Fortnite Leak x Matrix crossover happens

At this point, any gamer in the world who knows about Fortnite is also aware of the constant collaboration it makes. This is something that always gets fans excited about what’s coming next. From live-action cinema, anime and other sports to athletes and pop stars, Fortnite has seen many collaborations over the years. According to leaks, Fortnite will now see another collaboration with a very popular franchise. Here we know.

The One Enters Fortnite

The Matrix returns after 18 years as The Matrix Resurrection, and that’s really a big deal. Keanu Reeves returns to ‘Neo and Carrie Ann Moss’ trinity in trailer. Now, The Matrix does not really need much PR to capture the audience as it has such a great heritage. But that does not mean it will not. In fact, according to the new leak, the Matrix is doing a crossover with Fortnite.

The leak comes from the trusted delicious HYPEX, which says that Neo and Trinity skins will be coming to Fortnite soon. “According to the same source: A Fortnite x Matrix collaboration (Neo and Trinity) is scheduled for the second half of December,” @HYPEX tweeted.



Right now, that’s all we know about the Fortnite and Matrix collaboration, as no other information is available from other sources. So it is best to take this information lightly but do not ignore it as it is completely possible and probable. Fortnite has a lot lined up for the next month, and when Chapter 3 also arrives it can be a little difficult to manage.

That said, even if there is to be a collaboration, it may just be a minor collaboration and will come around the same time the film comes out. Matrix Resurrection will be released on December 22nd, and the anticipated collaboration may also launch.

Fortnite Leak x Matrix crossover happens

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