June 1, 2023
New Delhi

Fortnite leak shows Bushranger’s fate is getting worse

Fortnite leak shows Bushranger's fate is getting worse

Various NPCs scattered across the map have proven to be an important part of Fortnite as the game progresses. They’ve been at the forefront of Fortnite Weekly Challenges, you can buy valuable resources from them and more. Plus, regularly rotating NPCs and adding new ones helps keep the game fresh. For the most part, players don’t know when the NPC was replaced. While the popular character Bushranger may be about to leave Fortnite for good, there is a sad reason for that.

Fortnite’s leading leader known as HYPEX has shared an unpublished asset on his Twitter page. It looks like there is a grave in the place where Bushranger was born. Also, the video is accompanied by a little scary music. The leak noted that the property was linked to an unpublished find, which means we will learn more about the tomb in the coming weeks.

Is there another explanation for Bushranger’s grave in Fortnite?

It seems unusual for Epic Games to kill NPCs. Perhaps there could be another explanation for the grave, as HYPEX insists. Your efforts to care for the bushranger and exotic eggs have led you to several weekly challenges. Maybe Bushranger’s alien is about to die. If anything, it looks like it will end badly for Bushranger.

Hopefully we won’t have to wait long to find out what’s up with Bushranger. The death of an NPC would definitely rock the game. It will be interesting to see if NPCs are still being removed as part of an upcoming event. Some major changes have already been leaked, for example, possible landmarks will be removed from the game by Lead Ship.

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