June 6, 2023
New Delhi

Flipkart Teaser for Vaio Laptops Returning to India Market

Flipkart Teaser for Vaio Laptops Returning to India Market

Currently, there is demand in the laptop market due to trends in online education due to remote work and turbulent times. Laptop sales have increased domestically in the last few months. The Japanese laptop brand Vaio, which has been away from the market for years, appears to be planning to enter the Indian market again in order to take advantage of the growing market.

Vaio Laptops To Make A Comeback In India, Flipkart Teaser Hints

In 2014, Sony, which sold the Vaio laptop, sold its PC business. Currently, the company seems to be planning a partnership with Nexstgo, a Hong Kong-based company.

Vaio Laptops Flipkart Teaser

Electronic retailer Flipkart has sparked a resurgence of VAIO laptops in India. Teaser has not revealed an exact launch date. But is aware that the lightweight Vaio laptop will soon be available in the country. In addition, Nexstgo Company Limited and Vaio have to license agreements to manufacture, sell, market, and service these laptops in several global markets such as India, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Middle East, Taiwan, Macau, and Singapore. It was signed.

According to a Zee Business report dating back a few days. Vaio announced that it is ready to bring an unparalleled seamless computing experience to the Indian market. However, details of the upcoming Vaio laptop in India are currently not available. The report states that the brand will be the first AMD model in January and another model designed for the modern office.

These laptops will be available via Flipkart and will be expanded later to include other major retail channels. The brand seems to have a lot for us, with the Flipkart announcement indicating that the launch of the Vaio laptops in India is imminent. Vaio can be expected to take over existing players in the PC market, including HP, Dell, Acer, and Xiao Mi. We haven’t yet seen the target price bracket for the local vaio. We can expect to learn more details in the future. days.


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