September 22, 2023
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First look at the new Halo 3 map: Here are some important details you can expect

First look at the new Halo 3 map: Here are some important details you can expect

Halo 3 fans are looking forward to seeing new maps in popular shooters as 343 Industries confirms. Apart from the new map, game developers also said they will host some updates arriving in beta so that 343 Industries can properly test in Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

According to the latest Game Rant report, the new update will include some mechanical changes and fixes that will arrive in February this year.

Kotaku Australia has also confirmed that the new map is from Halo Online. This is a free game developed by Saber Interactive in 2015 and previously canceled. Halo Online also contains a modified version of the current “Halo 3”. This means that the new map will be a great addition to popular shooters.

What the new map looks like?

Video made by tech times

If the leaked screenshot is already displayed, the new map of Halo 3 will look like a human military base 3 on a glacier. However, the new map will not exactly match any of the maps displayed in the closed game.

'Halo 3' Will Have a New Map! Here's What It Looks Like and Other Important Details You Can Expect

It also has no parallels with previously canceled maps that were supposed to be added to canceled “Halo Online” before it was closed. But one of the things that it says is from the previous “Halo Online” is the name it is given.

The blog revealed that the screenshot mentioned the name “Waterfall”. This is also the name of the ice concept art for the previously canceled “Halo Online” map.

“Little is known about this map, called s3d_waterfall in build MS30. Several conceptual arts with the file name” waterfall “have been released, and this map is illustrated below. It may correspond to. The map was implemented in. Laker said in his original blog,” “Halo 3” is a component of Season 6 “Halo: Master Chief Collection”.

We haven’t seen what the new map feature will be like yet, but the idea itself is quite exciting. It’s enough to get fans’ attention during the ongoing pandemic.

‘Halo 3’ other changes

Apart from the new map, Halo 3 will include some updates that will improve the crowd experience. 343 Industries has confirmed that players who own the Xbox Series and Xbox Series S will receive a series of fixes. The game developer said he plans to add mouse and keyboard support and a field for display sliders to the game tools mentioned above. Click here for more information.

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