June 6, 2023
New Delhi

Final Fantasy 7 New PS5 Version Gets Bigger As Leaker Offers PC Rendering And New Story Content

Final Fantasy 7 New PS5 Version Gets Bigger As Leaker Offers PC Rendering And New Story Content

While Square Enix has certainly done a good job promoting some fans of the previous Final Fantasy game with a PS5 remake of Final Fantasy 7, it looks like there might be another bigger surprise now! Tomorrow, the Official World Tour of the “Final Fantasy 7” Orchestra will conclude, and Square Enix has already confirmed that announcements will be published like every year. What could they be?

‘Final Fantasy 7’   remake release date

According to an article published by ComicBook, there is currently no official announcement telling us what this ad is. However, ahead of the upcoming event, new rumors began to circulate to the surface that the new version of Final Fantasy 7 from Square Enix would not only be good news, but the game is expected to have an upcoming release. Also, upgrade!

In addition to this information, it looks like it is now moving to PC. This underlines the current exclusivity of the PlayStation. As the computer switches to a different platform on which to play the new version of Final Fantasy 7, it will only be interesting how the controls work or how Final Fantasy 7 PC gameplay improves.

‘Final Fantasy 7’ remake rumors

Rumors of the superficial appearance have reportedly reached some Navtra leaders, who are currently claiming that the aforementioned PS5 port will also be accompanied by an entirely new storyline. It is reported that this will make the game an improved and extended version of the specific game, not just an improved version of what happened with the popular game for 2020. It is reported that the same version will appear on the computer. However, it was said that it will not be available for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

According to the host, the last time they heard that the company was launching an entirely new version for PS5 and PC, not the Xbox. It was also noted that this would be a little more important since the increase in accuracy is not the only big news. Then the commander indicated that a new story was on the way. The liqueur has been known to convey the correct information regarding some Final Fantasy rumors in the past, so his comments at this point may be greeted with some optimism.

Should the leak be believed?

The monk then continued, saying that all information should have been disclosed earlier. However, the situation is clearly changing. The leak then added to that, citing everything they heard earlier a few months ago. This may mean that it is quite old at the moment. In other words, like any other rumor, the public should be careful about it.

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