May 28, 2023
New Delhi

Factorio 1.1 update allows you to flip blueprints and more.

Factorio 1.1 update allows you to flip blueprints and more.

Factorio is one of the few games to have an outstanding reputation and this patch seems to have just confirmed it, with no known issues or active bug reports. The latest patch also adds a lot of new additions, so link yourself.

List of Update changes in Factorio 1.1

  1.  You can now flip the drawing. It is disabled for all drawings that cannot be flipped correctly.
    2.  Spiders have more options.
    3.  Fixed spider waypoints.
    4.  Added spider follows the command. Spiders can now follow each other and other entities.
    5.  “Smart Belt Build” eliminates belt assembly errors. Buildings constructed now also include underground elements when constructed from the materials constructed.
    6.  The wakeup list is optimized to increase your productivity by 20-40%.
    7.   The game save speed has been optimized by 20%.
    8.  Multiple straps: Players can remove some of their connections, resulting in groups containing multiple components that can be extracted into individual groups. Grouping should be done immediately (allowing multiple groups to interact can lead to race conditions), but no splitting is done.

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-A new Train GUI has been added with some changes.

  • It is a list of all Trains.
  • You can see the schedule.
  • You can click the button to open the Train.
  • You can search by schedule.
  • Two new tabs, Trains and Stations, have been added.

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