June 6, 2023
New Delhi

Facebook Releases “Collab” Music Video App Competing with TikTok

Facebook Releases "Collab" Music Video App Competing with TikTok

It was reported in May that Facebook is testing the Collab music app in beta. The app was available as an invite-only beta in the US and Canada for iOS users. Now, the “Collab” app is finally launched by the social media giant, allowing creators to create TikTok as a short video.

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Collabs are three standalone videos that play simultaneously with each other, as described on Facebook. “You can create your own arrangements by adding your own recordings or scrolling to find the arrangements and completing the composition. No musical experience required. Once you’ve created a collaboration, others can see it or You can post for mixing and matching, and you can also share your creativity on Instagram and others. With just a few clicks on Facebook Stories and other platforms, you’ll learn about NPE blogs doing.

So, as you can see, the main difference between TikTok and Collab is that TikTok only shows one video, while collaboration consists of three different videos. These videos appear in public “Collab” feeds that users can view and play. However, the app is not yet available to Indian users and is currently available to all US iOS users.

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The tech giants are creating new apps and features that rival TikTok. For example, Instagram launched the “reel” feature shortly after TikTok was banned in India. Several other apps that are Indian alternatives to TikTok have also reached the Indian market.

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