January 28, 2023
New Delhi

F12021 Teaser Trailer mocks a story mode called Breakpoint

F12021 Teaser Trailer mocks a story mode called Breakpoint

The game is played in an F1 drama. There is a new story mode called Breaking Points where you can start your career as a Formula 2 driver and move up Formula 1 depending on your performance.

Create a driver in My Team mode, choose a sponsor, choose an engine supplier, hire a teammate to play against the 11th team in the network. Try breaking points, excitement, and new stories. A new way to build a career with two people before the start of the season.


The new game introduces a whole new story mode that allows players to move into the magical world of F1. In addition, online career mode will be introduced for both players. This includes real-season startups with real-time drivers and constructor units.

Sit on motorsport and experience a lifestyle that goes beyond that. Raise your F1 rank to gain fame in the world. Embark on an epic journey from a groundbreaking story mode to a whole new story mode.

Seven of the best ever drivers in Formula 1 history are available to lead the team և Team-forming և Players can pre-order the game with premium brake pads և A la carte content package that remembers the price. The team management career mode introduced in “Formula 1 2020” is back.

A new feature of the game is the real-time launch of the season. Career mode allows players to start at any time of the season in real-time, regardless of driver or builder points. Career mode also allows two players to support each other, play the same career as teammates or individual designers.

The 2020 season is full of amazing new places, including the resurrection of Portimao և Imola, that could change the calendar. The new team will compete in Formula 1 2021, and both teams will be renamed. Renault will become the F1 team in 2021, and the racing point will be Aston Martin.

We hope that the latest version of Formula 1 games will continue to move in this direction. If you want to read 2021 You can read our thoughts about the game here, but in summary, enjoy the ridicule of the game գտ found improvements in 2019.

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