June 6, 2023
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F1 and NASCAR Collaboration Rocket League || How to Getrocket league mustang in Season 3

F1 and NASCAR Collaboration Rocket League: How to Get Mustangs in Season 3

If you haven’t watched the Rocket League Season 3 trailer yet, check out the official trailer below of rocket league mustang. Once that is done, you have all the information you need to know about the new rocket league mustang, the collaboration between F1 and NASCAR, and the release date for Season 3.

Rocket league mustang Season 3 – Release Date

So when will you be able to upgrade to Rocket League Season 3? Well, actually soon!

According to the official new season trailer, Rocket League Season 3 is scheduled to begin on April 7.

If you already own a rocket league mustang on any of the PlayStation, Xbox, Mac, Linux, Windows, or Nintendo Switch platforms, you can play the new season.

Psyonix also recently announced a new mobile version of the popular car soccer game called Rocket League Sideswipe.

The mobile spin-off will be released in late 2021, but it’s currently unclear if the two games will share content from the same season.

Rocket League F1 and NASCAR Collab

The big announcement of the new trailer for Rocket League Season 3 is that its theme revolves around a new collaboration between F1 and NASCAR.

This means that players can purchase a variety of F1 and NASCAR merchandise and cosmetics throughout the season.

An official collaboration between the two racing giants won’t be in the game until mid-May, but there will be a lot of fun in the meantime.

Rocket League Mustang

So how can we get that shiny new Mustang we saw on the trailer? Now, according to Psyonix, the car will be part of a special set that will be in the game in May.

The official description of Rocket League Season 3 states: “In order to properly celebrate the art of motor racing, we needed to introduce two legends that virtually perfected speed, NASCAR and Formula 1. 3 in their own bundle.”

Therefore, if you purchase a Mustang in mid-May, you will need to accumulate Rocket League credits to launch the NASCAR package.

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