January 31, 2023
New Delhi

First time in 13 years,The European Space Agency is recruiting new astronaut including people with disabilities.

First time in 13 years,The European Space Agency is recruiting new astronaut including people with disabilities.

If you have dreamed of becoming an astronaut, the European Space Agency is looking for a new cosmonaut cohort for the first time in 13 years.

“We are looking at the Moon and Mars. In the future, we need very good astronauts, ”said ESA Executive Director Ian Warner. “To go further than ever, you have to look wider than ever.”

This is a revolutionary time in space travel. SpaceX and NASA launched four astronauts in November 2020, making it the longest space flight in NASA history.

ESA plans to hire more female astronauts on its latest trip.

In February 2020, American astronaut Christina Koch made the longest space flight for a woman, completing a record 11-month flight.

This time, ESA aims to open up a new horizon by launching the feasibility study Parastronaut.

This initiative aims to provide opportunities for people with disabilities who may have been excluded from previous challenges.

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“We strongly believe that there is a way to ensure this level of inclusiveness in astronauts and space, which at least requires responsibility to try it,” the authorities said in a statement. It was.

They added that Global First “could bring some amazing new results in the life sciences for the benefit of more people returning to Earth.”

However, the passion for space travel is not enough. To apply, you need to fulfill some requirements.

These include a master’s degree in engineering, medicine, science, or related disciplines and three years of professional experience after graduation.

Applicants must also be fluent in English and a citizen of one of the 22 ESA member countries.

“In the outside world, you’re a real superhero because you were chosen as an astronaut and taught to fly into space,” she said. “But the truth is, for your [space] community, you’re just a beginner and you’ve just arrived.”

“This is a very long and rigorous process,” Lucy Van Deltas, head of ESA’s talent collection, said at a press conference on how to select astronauts. “Candidates must be mentally prepared for this process.”

Anyway, if you’re like 19-year-old American Alyssa Carson and the only person to ever visit all NASA space camps, you’ll want to apply.

JOB Opening and result date

Applications start on March 31st and end on May 28th.

The successful astronauts are expected to be announced in October 2022.

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