January 30, 2023
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‘Escape From Tarkov’ shares first set of 12.11 improvement notes

'Escape From Tarkov' shares first set of 12.11 improvement notes

In anticipation of today’s escape from “deleting Tarkov”, the Battlestate games shared an amazing infographic on players’ behavior along with correction notes detailing the various bugs fixed in version 0.12.11.

With Battlestate Games now implementing fix 0.12.11, the team behind the computer shooter Escape From Tarkov has released a list of fix notes specifying which bugs have been fixed.

List of bug fixes Escape From Tarkov

  • In some cases the players do not spawn even after a successful game and are returned to the main menu.
  • Totally silent movement of Shturman and his guards.
  • The player hung on a blank screen after pressing the “Back” button on the treatment screen after a raid.
  • The progress of the “Crafting” skill diverged between the client and the backend after production was completed.
  • The player’s hand stock and animation hung as the player tried to move the cartridge from the arsenal in his hands to the full stack of ammunition.
  • Difference in character actions when switching between pressing and holding keys. Throwing strong and weak grenades now works in the same way: being thrown while holding down the key, releasing the key and not depending on the target setting.
  • The mods locked behind a quest did not unlock on the purchase screen for presets even after completing the quest.
  • The consumption rate of the air filter was higher than necessary.
  • Once the weapon is assembled in the preset menu – the different weapon mode will be applied to the gun, even if the gun already has such a mode.
  • The production timer in the hideout, which has been partially cropped.
  • The library did not speed up the “Crafting” and “Hideout management” skills.
  • Bolt-catch animations would be replaced with a charging handle loading one.
  • Hits on the neck protection worsened the condition of the helmet itself, not the condition of the neck protection.
  • Saiga 12 and PP-9 Klin stocks would get folded together with a quick drop of the backpack.
  • Inventory and animation of the player’s hands hung if the player simultaneously opened the door with a key and threw a grenade.
  • The transfer screen from scav layered onto the main menu screen after restarting the game on the transfer screen.
  • The player could not go sideways through the doorway.
  • Filters for food and medicine that did not work in the player’s stash.
  • Quest “The Punisher. Part 4.” which could be done without the scav vest.
  • “Strength”, “Stamina”, and “Stealth” movement progress was not properly counted during the raid.
  • Weapon mastering progress was not properly counted during the raid.
  • Character’s empty hand animation at a distance.
  • The player with empty hands could not drop the backpack.
  • Incorrect sensitivity on the mechanical sight on the ACOG.
  • The remaining generator runtime counter was not synchronized between the fuel canisters and the generator itself.
  • The observer was not able to see the grenade in the dropped backpack if the player put it in the backpack right out of his hands.
  • The observer did not see the grenade that the player put on the ground right out of his hands.
  • The sorting of lots by time of removal on the flea market did not work.
  • The reticle on the MRS sight was placed below the alignment on the Vector and UMP.
  • Breath sounds were not played if the player used up stamina with the Kiver visor down.
  • Player would go to crouch position when trying to hide quest items from prone position.
  • Changing the “Shadow visibility” setting was not applied during the raid.
  • Hanging animation of the player’s hands after reconnecting to the server at the moment of throwing a grenade.
  • The “Apply” button on the treatment screen after a raid was active even when no treatment type was selected.
  • Player wouldn’t get out of ADS mode when chamber-loading the gun.
  • Medkits that removed the negative effect from a non-priority limb and left the priority limb untreated.
  • Hands freeze when reloading some weapons via the context menu.
  • Commission for putting a cultist knife with an incomplete supply of poison to the flea market.
  • Discrete shadow movement from distant objects on high settings.
  • Ability to load weapons with unexamined ammunition.
  • The edit pocket map marker window did not close after loading into the raid.
  • The lamp did not break for other players if you break it with a melee weapon.
  • Unable to fill items by drag and drop when purchasing from a merchant.
  • Game freeze when equipping an item from the letter during the transfer of items through the “get everything” button.
  • The aiming magnification is not switched when re-installing the optical sight with the additional reflex sight.
  • Change the icon of the position of the character, when you open the inventory while prone.
  • Correcting the effects of light sources (flicker, glare).
  • Abrupt change of the weapon model in the hands of a character when switching to another weapon.
  • Inaccessibility of loot on the shelf, in the red room.
  • Various audio fixes.
  • Fixes for various problems related to the use of weapons and equipment.
  • Fixes for various errors in trade and merchant services.
  • Minor fixes to character stats.
  • Fixes for various problems and exploits on locations.
  • Fixes for some audio issues.
  • Some graphics fixes and improvements.
  • Some server bug fixes.
  • Fixes for some backend issues.
  • Fixes for some game interface elements.
  • Some bug fixes in localization.
  • Fixes for some bugs in offline raids.


  • Physics optimization.
  • Various graphics optimizations.
  • Various server optimizations.

In a forum post posted today (June 30), Battlestate Games shared the issues addressed in an update posted with the upcoming Wipe. The patch notes list fixes various UI issues and bugs that occur when players interact with items.

Many players will be disappointed that a correction was given to ‘The Punisher: Part 4’, which players – to this day – have managed to complete without wearing the necessary squaw vest.

The escape correction notes from Tarkov also indicate that the criteria of strength, endurance and stealth “were not counted properly during the raid”, meaning players can acquire these skills faster after raising the level.

In terms of performance, the team has performed “various graphical optimizations” which will hopefully make the game easier to run.

This is not all that players can expect in fix 0.12.11, as the announcement states that “this list does not include the new changes and additions made to this fix. The full details of the fix will be posted later.” will be done. ”

Ahead of the release of the stats, the Battlestate Games also shared an interesting infographic in the 0.12.10 patch data, revealing some surprising facts about what the Tarkov players avoided before the dramatic events last week.

Improvement statistics show that 63% of Crushing players chose to play as USEC mercenaries, with only 37% choosing BEAR. Despite this, BEAR players were able to explain 40% of kills, although crushed USEC forces still claimed 60% of player kills.

In an astonishing roundup, the summary reveals that 460,676 players simultaneously managed to ally with former Scab enemies to escape – although they were actually offered $100,000 to do so.

During the same event, more than 1.6 million players managed to escape their raid despite safe containers being banned earlier this week.

Escape from Tarkov is set to arrive later today (June 30), though Battlestate Games has indicated that the original time frame estimated at four hours is delayed.

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