January 30, 2023
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Download Mozilla Firefox 89 for desktop with a new design

Download Mozilla Firefox 89 for desktop with a new design

Mozilla has announced the availability of version 89 of the Firefox browser for Windows, MacOS and Linux. The new version gives Firefox a modern, easy-to-use and clear facelift. The update brings optimal toolbars and menus so you can put the important things first, so you can get what you need. Tabs contain clear information and support focused and flexible work. There are additional enhancements, bug fixes and security enhancements, which can be found below. This update also covers 9 vulnerabilities in earlier versions of Firefox. Details about the security holes covered by Firefox 89 can be found here. Users who have installed an older version of Firefox will receive the update automatically. You can download the update from HELP -> via Firefox -> You can upload updates to version 89.0 manually. More information about this update can be found below or from Mozilla.

Download -> Download Firefox 89.0 for Windows, MacOS and Linux

Firefox 89.0 Desktop Edition is now available for download from Mozilla:

Download Firefox 89.0 for Windows, MacOS and Linux:

Firefox 89.0 includes the following new features and enhancements:

  • Say hello to the newer faster Firefox, designed to get you where you want to go even faster. We designed and refined the core experience to be cleaner, more engaging and easier to use.
  • Starting at 89 you will notice several changes:
  • The Chrome browser and toolbar are simple: Common items are removed to focus on the most important navigation item.
  • Clear, streamlined menus: menu content reorganized and prioritized according to usage. Labels updated and iconography removed.
  • Updated instructions: Infopars, panels and models have clean design and clear language.
  • Inspired tab design: Information like visual indicators for audio controls on floating tabs and beautiful surface specifications when needed. The rounded design of the active tab brings focus and the ability to move tabs easily as needed.
  • Less interruptions: Reduced number of alerts and messages, so you can browse with less distractions.
  • Coherent, serene displays: lighter portrait, refined color palette and consistent styling throughout.
  • This release also includes enhancements to our privacy proposition: We improve the privacy of the Firefox browser’s personal browsing mode with full cookie protection, control and block cookies with the site where they are created. Companies may use cookies to track your browsing on all websites. . This feature was first launched in Firefox’s ETP Strict Mode.
  • For macOS users, we present the well-known elastic browsing effect in many applications. Smooth jump animations will indicate that you have reached the bottom of the page.
  • In addition, we have added smart zoom support. To enlarge the content under the cursor, double-tap your trackpad with one or two fingers of your Magic Mouse.
  • Native Eco Menus: Eco Menus in MacOS are now native and support dark mode.
  • Colors in Firefox on MacOS are no longer absolute in a wide variety of views, unmarked images are considered exactly sRGP, and the colors of the images marked as sRGP now match CSS colors.
  • In full screen mode in macOS, moving the mouse to the top of the screen won’t hide your tabs behind the system menu bar.
  • Even in full screen mode in macOS, you can hide the browser toolbar to experience a full screen completely. It brings MacOS compatible with Windows and Linux.
  • Introduces a proprietary application of Web Forms controls, introduces a new modern design and makes some improvements to page loading performance. Look for layout errors on web pages that make guesses about the dimensions or design of form controls.

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