January 31, 2023
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Dota 2 is getting a major update to help new players

Dota 2 is getting a major update to help new players

As predicted by many in the community, Valve is launching a major update to the new player experience in Dota 2 with the goal of providing new players with a comprehensive way to explore the game.

The reason many expected this is because with the launch of DOTA: Dragon’s Blood and the adaptation of the Dota 2 universe anime to be released on Netflix on March 25, many new looks are taking notice of what’s available for free. Because it is possible. Play MOBA.

Since there may be many new faces trying Dota for the first time after watching the anime, Valve tried to create a “continuous interaction system” that would provide these players with step-by-step learning opportunities. ..

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“As the community knows, depth and openness are the hallmarks of Dota,” Valve said. “That’s why we play. However, this depth can create a lot of new things to be processed and internalized, overwhelming the first step in opening Dota. Achievements at Dota. It’s true that is great and rewarding, but new players often find it difficult to sift through all the information and find a clear path to positive results. Today’s update makes it Designed to assist. ”

Valve also revealed that smurfs are an exorbitant crime, and developers and moderators fight it much harder, so it doesn’t affect new players. Also, recently, the ban level for boosters and purchased accounts has been raised.

In addition, the team confirmed that the 7.29 update will be released the day after Singapore Major, including the next hero and balance-focused gameplay update.

But for new player-focused updates, Valve has optimized the store for new players, rather than forcing them to give a general overview.

New and repeaters should see an optimized version of the store that helps “avoid information overload” by limiting the complexity of the options presented and displaying a guided experience about what to build. Become. The more players build, the more opportunities will be unlocked and the walkthrough will guide the rope. When players feel comfortable, they can choose a regular store.

New player goals have been added to help players experiment with different options to complete the challenge with the new quest system. Players can explore aspects of the game in a controlled scripting environment, offering four levels of development through training scripts for specific game and client elements.

In addition to this, new rewards for players have been added to this progress system and the terminology mode has been updated so players can easily view the mechanics and details they want to learn.

The mode for new players also progresses based on the old restricted mode, which provides a small and stable hero pool that allows players to learn the basics with a solid set of repeatable elements. You can also remove a player from the match at any time without extending the penalty.

Speaking of bots, Valve has also implemented “various default set improvements” for AI bots to support gameplay changes, the use of improved path movement behavior, and strategic changes. A new level of bot difficulty has been added specifically for players exploring the game, and the bot has also been given a new name. This can give older players a great deal of nostalgia.

After a player participates in a live match, the new wizard’s in-game tips will help new players understand the basics correctly. This happens during a match when you see a new player doing something that the AI ​​considers “irrational”.

There is a new player-only chat channel that you can access after completing the first set of new player challenges, and players can ask their coaches to join in-game or in the middle of a match from the dashboard. … New players will also first see a slightly adapted version of the Dota dashboard menu to help them learn how to navigate.

Each hero now has a detailed overview of each of the main aspects of the game. This can be confirmed by looking at the lower-left corner of each hero’s loading page.

Especially for repeaters, the account will be in a special new calibration mode. This model takes into account the amount of time you are away from the game. This makes you more sensitive to how you participate in the first match to facilitate repeaters.

Stay tuned for more updates, new heroes, and more in the coming weeks.

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