January 31, 2023
New Delhi

Destiny 2’s super infinite bug, which cancels the trial

Destiny 2's super infinite bug, which cancels the trial

It’s almost coins that some bugs are caught every weekend or abused to cancel a trial of Destiny 2. We’re probably moving in that direction by resurrecting some older bugs that haven’t been completely fixed.

This is for Warlock and superhero Stasis Winters Wraith. So if you press the time button correctly to activate and keep it, you can cast super infinity.

Other than Cheese Forever, there is a video showing how to do this, but I’ll post a summary below.

The steps to do this (don’t yell at me for posting this, it’s hardly a secret at this point and Bungie knows):

1. Get your super, activate it, and let the bar run almost all the way down.

2. Be using the Bleak Watcher Stasis Aspect, and when the super is about to end, hold the grenade animation to consume your grenade.

3. Immediately hold down a heavy attack (the one that shoots the bolts), but as the bolts fly, press light attack (AOE burst).

4. Keep holding heavy but periodically press light attack to sustain this infinitely, but if you screw up the timing it will end.

The reason this works is that it is locked in two different team moves, and when properly timed, you can continue serving after the Super is over. This takes some practice.

It works everywhere, fast operation, experience, maneuverability, anywhere. The trial is the most obvious concern because people are taking it really seriously, and yes, with this prevalent, bungee just doesn’t know if one subclass will be deactivated instead, so take a trial. Of course, that might suffice to cancel. Can they do that too? I don’t remember if they had it in the past.

Would you like to use it to complete 6 Missing Seasonal Maneuver Challenges before applying the patch? no, I do not. It is an honor. Also, after getting Gilded Dredgen, I’m tired of Gambit and can’t play Gambit anymore. However, expect this to be used there until it gets fixed.

There is no official word for the trial yet. This isn’t the biggest tragedy in the world, given that this week’s prize list isn’t particularly appealing, but the loopholes are by no means good and trials have been canceled every weekend. But we have to wait. I will update this post if it is already canceled due to this. Until then, skip those ice bolts.

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